Assistive technologies for people with diverse abilities


Why make documents accessible?

Making accessible documents ensures that they are usable by the widest range of users, but also ensures your document is easier to edit và navigate. It is important lớn make these changes khổng lồ Word documents to lớn accommodate a variety of disabilities. For example, many people with visual disabilities use screen readers which read aloud information on the screen such as text or image descriptions provided through alternative text (Alt Text).

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If you plan, format, and structure your document correctly in the beginning, it will ensure the file is not only accessible but can also be converted into a variety of different alternate formats (e.g. PDF or braille) while retaining its accessibility features.


As of January 1, 2013, Ontario Regulation 191/11, section 15: requirement khổng lồ provide educational or training resources or materials in an accessible format, if notification of need is given.

If posting document online - By January 1, 2014, Ontario Regulation 191/11, section 14: new internet websites & web nội dung on those sites must conform with WCAG 2.0 màn chơi A and by January 1, 2021, all internet websites and web nội dung must conform with WCAG 2.0 màn chơi AA.

As of January 1, 2015, Ontario Regulation 191/11, section 12: requirement khổng lồ provide, upon request, accessible formats and communication supports.

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Creating Slide Layouts

Using these built-in layouts and templates will ensure help that your presentations have properly structured headings, lists, and proper reading order. This will not only ensure that your content is accessible but will be better organized & easier lớn read by everyone.

Select the Home tab, then New Slide, và a thực đơn of slide types will appear.


Appropriate Use of Colour

When using colour, you must make sure that any information conveyed with colour is also conveyed in black & white. For example, if you’re using colour to lớn identify key words in a document, make sure that you also make them stand out in another way (for example, by putting them in bold; italics are not recommended).

Colour Contrast

You must provide high colour contrast to lớn the text in your document. A good example of high colour contrast is black and white; while an example of poor colour contrast is light yellow & white.