Braised Beef Flatbread With Horseradish Cream


Sirloin beef in cream sauce is considered the queen of Czech sauce-based dishes, the Czech name for which is svíčková (pronounced sveech-covah). For Czech families, this is a classic Sunday family lunch dish, since it is best when the meat is prepared and marinated a day in advance.

If you claim you can cook, the most common question you’ll get from a Czech person would be: “You can even cook svíčková?” It is not the most complicated dish in the world, but serves as a touchstone to lớn prove you can cook Czech cuisine.

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If you want to compare your svíčková with the best you can get in Prague, we recommend getting one in Café Louvre, Café Imperial or Čestr restaurant. You can also try this dish first-hand on our Prague food tour!

The Ultimate Svíčková

Recipe for bread dumplings

2 pinches of salt½ tsp ground mace (and a bit of turmeric if you want lớn have a tasty-looking yellow tint lớn the dumplings; the flavor is good too)2 cups (475 ml) semi-coarse flour (polohruba mouka)Approx. 1 cup (235 ml) lukewarm milk (more if the dough is dry)2 tsp sugar2-3 rolls or buns (the traditional sized ones, they’re about 70g each)1 egg1 cube fresh yeast (or the dried yeast equivalent)

First, phối the flours with the salt và spices.

Dissolve the sugar in half the milk, địa chỉ crumbled yeast and let it grow there a bit, until “islands” of new yeast start to from on the surface. Pour the egg into the flour, then pour in the milk (bit by bit) and yeast, and knead with your hands. Keep adding milk until you have a nice dough that’s not too dry & not be too sticky (though it can be slightly wetter and stickier than your instinct would suggest – you’ll still showroom the buns that soak up a bit of the milk).

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Cut the rolls or buns into a small dice (a little smaller than half an inch cubed). Gently set the bread into the dough. Then khung the dumpling mixture into a roll(s) – a 2-3 inch diameter will give you sufficiently big dumplings after you’ve left the dough to lớn rise for about 45 minutes.

Gently lower the roll into salted boiling water và cook for 16-19 minutes. You want to lớn take it out before the crust gets slimy. Prick with a fork (this prevents it from collapsing after it cools down a bit)

When you’re ready lớn serve, cut the dumpling into circles 2/3 inches thick – preferably using a floss or cheese wire.