Vietnamese caramelized braised pork and eggs

If you are looking for a delicious pork recipe which tastes sweet & hot, Brasied Pork with Chili (Heo Kho Ớt) might just be what you are looking for. Using chili và bell pepper for a fiery taste & dark soya sauce, this dish is guaranteed khổng lồ whet your appetite và make you ask for second helpings of rice. Best of all, this Best Vietnamese Food is a simple dish khổng lồ cook và can be attempted by a beginner.

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Braised Pork with Chili (Heo Kho Ớt)
to make this Best Vietnamese Food, you should use pork belly due khổng lồ the texture of this part of the meat. Containing layers of fat and meat, each bite will give you a nice blend of slightly chewy meat in contrast with the smooth fat.
Chili và Bell Pepper.
No, it is not that healthy to be consuming this Best Vietnamese Food but once a fortnight or month should be fine. Again, just lượt thích the other recipes on this site, you vày not have khổng lồ follow all the measurements of ingredients to the dot. If you lượt thích it spicier, showroom more chili powder or vice versa. Most of all cook this và is blown away by its tastiness! Highly recommended! Enjoy with boiled rice always is the best choice in cold days.

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Braised Pork with Chili (Heo Kho Ớt).
Heat oil in wok and địa chỉ cửa hàng sauté, chili, bell pepper, chili powder with minced garlic till aromatic.Before garlic turns brown, showroom sliced pork and stir well. Add sugar & dark soya sauce. Once pork is cooked on outer side, showroom water gradually (ensure that water continues khổng lồ boil) followed by salt, pepper and Chinese cooking wine.Cook till gravy reduced before dishing up.

This Best Vietnamese Food is quite spicy, so be careful when enjoying it. I remembered that I drank three bottles of water at the first time when eating this dish. However, I still ate at the last piece of this dish. Come and try this dish once time when visiting Vietnam. Hope you have a happy trip & Good luck lớn you. From Vietnamese Food Team.