Braised Pork Ribs With Coco


A few years ago, a Texas reader asked me for a carnitas recipe. I shared mine and she said that while they looked good, she was looking for one that used Coca-Cola & milk instead. She explained that she’d had them that way at a local restaurant & they were outstanding. With good intentions, I told her I’d look into it. But I became busy with other projects and sadly forgot about helping her find a recipe as well as the place where she had eaten them.

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As is my tradition, each year I lượt thích to honor the teams that are playing in the Super Bowl with a timely & fun dish. Since the game is in Houston this year, I figured if I didn’t lượt thích either of the teams playing, I would celebrate my hometown. Then the Atlanta Falcons secured a slot in the game. Ordinarily, I’m not a Falcons fan but they did beat Green Bay, a team I was annoyed with since they narrowly edged out the Cowboys. Plus, the Falcons are from the South và I also have a few friends who live there, so deciding to cheer for them was an easy decision.

Now, when I think of Atlanta cuisine, two things immediately come to lớn mind—peaches and Coca-Cola. While peaches are best served in the summer when they’re in season, there are lots of fun things you can bởi with Coca-Cola any time of year. & while I was pondering recipes, I remembered that carnitas request from long ago. A quick search lead me khổng lồ a book called Houston Classic Mexican Recipes, which included a Coca-Cola carnitas attributed to Santos—The Taste of Mexico, which is no longer open. While I had no idea if it was the same restaurant that woman had hers, I figured it would be a good starting point in coming up with my own.The book’s recipe called for Coke, of course. It didn’t specify Mexican Coke, but using this cane sugar version of the drink seemed like a good idea. I kept the cinnamon and milk, but swapped fresh garlic for powder & ground allspice for clove. To lớn brighten it up, I also splashed in freshly squeezed orange juice & lime juice, và threw in some chipotle chile powder for heat và smoke.

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When it came lớn cooking the carnitas, the book had you stirring và adding ingredients throughout the process, but I prefer my tried-and-true method, which requires little interaction. So, I threw everything into the pot at the beginning, placed it at a low simmer, và then walked away for a couple of hours. After the meat was tender, I turned up the heat lớn reduce the liquid, & after a few stirs, I had crisp, succulent bites of pork.

If you’re a fan of my other carnitas recipe, you may be wondering how these are different. Well, there is a more pronounced sweetness, from the Coca-Cola but also from the addition of warm spices such as cinnamon và allspice. Though that sweetness paired with the smokiness of the chipotle gives these carnitas a slight hint of bacon, which is never a bad thing at all.

These are a rich dish, which makes them perfect for winter. They’re also versatile, as you can throw them on đứng top of nachos, spoon them into queso, or nestle them into tortillas along with guacamole và sour cream for excellent tacos. No matter how you enjoy them, however, everyone wins.