Basic Quick Bread Recipe S

Changes in the world have me postingrecipes I’d never thought I would post.

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But here I am showing you how to make2-Ingredient Bread with no eggs and no yeast.


This 2-Ingredient No Rise No YeastBread is perfect for those days when you need a loaf and can’t get to lớn thestore. Just a few ingredients and 40 minutes to lớn delicious homemade bread!

Some people điện thoại tư vấn this emergency bread, cheaters bread, no rise bread or even yeast free bread. It is true you can make bread without yeast. It is a little denser, rustic & earthy, which makes it perfect for serving with soup, making into garlic bread or using for a sandwich or panini.

Two ingredient doughs are not all that uncommon. You’ll see pizza doughs that don’t need lớn rise made with Greek yogurt and flour, pita breads made with whole wheat và oil & other similar varieties. This recipe is about as standard as it gets & one of the first you’ll make when teaching yourself khổng lồ bake bread.


And even though this bread is just about as basic as it gets, it doesn’t mean you can’t add other flavors.

Here are my favorites:

Powdered garlic Fresh herbs Caraway seeds

How khổng lồ Make 2-Ingredient Bread

One thing to keep in mind is that the exact amount of flour will differ by the brand and type you are using. Here we use a homemade self-rising flour with all purpose. & if you watched my Facebook live making it, I needed more water và then subsequently more flour.


In hindsight, I know exactly what happened, I only measured out 1 ¼ cup of milk & I actually needed 1 ½ cups. I used milk because I had it on hand, but it was skim, so I added 1 tablespoon of butter lớn give it a little more fat.

What Can I Use Instead of Milk?

If you have whole milk or even powderedmilk or buttermilk, those will bởi too. If you don’t have milk, water with 1tablespoon of butter or oil works too. Aim for a liquid with a little bit offat.

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The bread dough should be slightly wet and tacky, but not such that it doesn’t stay formed. For this type of simple bread, that moisture is going khổng lồ be what keeps your bread from turning into a brick.

How bởi I make the actual bread?

It is simple, just mix the ingredients together & you are done. No rising time because there isn’t any yeast.

You also want lớn avoid overworking the dough.Too much kneading will result in the gluten being overworked & the bread beingtough. Therefore, I vì chưng not recommend using the bread hook attachment on yourstand mixer. Vị it the old-fashioned way with your hands.


Place the dough on a parchment linedbaking sheet lớn prevent sticking and burning. Khung it into a round disc no morethan 3 inches tall. If it is too tall, the center won’t bake all the way andthe edges will be dry.

Then put grooves into the breadin a cross pattern. For this loaf, they aren’t visible in the finished product,but this was also a very wet bread dough. One thing I love about this bread isthat it is slightly different every time!

Pictured with 15 Bean Soup

In summary, tips for making noyeast homemade bread:

Do not overwork the dough.Know that you might need to địa chỉ more flour or liquid depending on the brand. Set until slightly tacky và sticky. Use parchment paper lớn prevent sticking and burning. Vì chưng not size a disc taller than 3 inches. Make grooves in the bread.

Best dips and butters lớn serve with your bread: