How to pipe buttercream icing

Perfect Piping Buttercream is the absolute best recipe for frosting cakes and cookies with a great consistency just right for piping your beautiful designs. This luscious buttercream frosting is light và airy with added flavor from vanilla and almond extract.

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Best Buttercream

Frosting cut-out cookies for holidays is both my favorite và most dreaded activity. I LOVE frosting the first couple dozen cookies with beautifully ornate piped designs with buttercream.

I am alone in this process though becauseno one else in my family is willing lớn help. They claim they “can’t do it as well” và therefore are unwilling khổng lồ even try. Total cop out!


Frosting for cookies

So 5-6 dozen cookies và hours later I am completely burnt out. The cookiesare beautiful và taste amazing, but man oh man are my hands tired & eyes weary.

Frosting cookies should totally be a family affair and it would be much more fun. When I have children, I will happily let them slather on the frosting in the ugliest of designs, mostly because that means I won’t have to frost as many cookies! 😉


Best Buttercream for piping designs

Over the years my mother and I have perfected the recipe for frosting. We were looking for a balance of taste & how it piped. We used lớn use a royal icing, but it didn’t taste as good.

We later moved to buttercream for flavor but our original recipe was too thick to lớn get nice piping shapes from. We altered that recipe over the years and finally landed upon this recipe that is absolutely perfect.

This perfect piping buttercream is our go-to frosting for everything from cookies to cupcakes!


How to make the best buttercream?

I could pretty much lick abowl of this buttercream & be one happy woman. The addition of vanilla & almond extract gives it a great flavor that we all love. It sets it apart from plain frosting.

It is important to only use gel or paste food dye

when making your frosting, because the liquid dyes will alter the consistency a surprisingly great deal. Liquid dyewill take your luscious buttercream from the perfect consistency, to lớn arunny consistency that won’t hold it’s shape in a quick hurry.


How to lớn pipe buttercream?

I separate my batch of buttercream into 5 or 6 bowls & dye each bowl of frosting to lớn my desired consistency. I have never found a dye that will get me a true red, so if you have any secrets for a rich Christmas red, I would love khổng lồ hear them!

Grab your piping bags

and decorating tips
and you are ready khổng lồ fill them up. I like to turn the bag half way inside out và set it in a tall glass. This makes it easier khổng lồ scoop the buttercream into the bag if I am doing it along.

After your bags are filled it’s time khổng lồ dream up all sorts of amazing designs for your cookies or cake thathave the added bonus of tasting great!

More baked goods perfect with buttercream!

While we could eat buttercream right from the spoon, it’s probably best lớn serve it on a cake or cookie. Here are some other great recipe that you can use buttercream with.

Perfect Piping Buttercream is the absolute best recipe for frosting cakes & cookies with a great consistency just right for piping your beautiful designs. This luscious buttercream frosting is light and airy with added flavor from vanilla & almond extract.


1 c. Shortening, butter flavored1 c. Butter1 một nửa tsp. Vanilla extract1/2 tsp. Almond extract7 50% c. Powdered sugar1/3 c. Heavy whipping creamgel or paste icing dyes


In a large bowl, beat the shortening and butter until smooth and fluffy. Showroom the vanilla, almond extract & cream & mix until smooth. Showroom the powdered sugar 1-2 cups at a time, mixing well between each addition. Beat the frosting for an additional 4-5 minutes until light and fluffy. Using a toothpick, địa chỉ the tiniest amount of dye at a time to the bowl of frosting lớn control your color. These dyes will màu sắc the frosting quickly, so there is no need to địa chỉ cửa hàng too much.

This makes a very large batch for a layered & decorated cake. If you are making 24 cupcakes or a small cake, cut the recipe in half.

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Nutrition Information:Yield: 48Serving Size: 1 gramsAmount Per Serving:Calories: 155Total Fat: 9gSaturated Fat: 5gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 4gCholesterol: 15mgSodium: 35mgCarbohydrates: 19gFiber: 0gSugar: 18gProtein: 0g

Provided nutrition data is only an estimate. If you are tracking these nutrients for medical purposes, please consult an outside, trusted source.

This makes a great icing, I will be using this recipe again. The recipe made more than I needed, but half wouldn’t have been enough. How long will the icing last in the fridge, và can I freeze it? I’m assuming once it’s thawed I would just have to whip it back to lớn a smooth consistency

Hi! I made this ahead of time for a camp I’m running. It was really thick today when the kids went lớn pipe with it. Any tips khổng lồ help? How long can it sit at room temp, I’m wondering if it was maybe just too cold?

Can I make this recipe a few days in advance of using the icing for frosting a cake & piping on decorations? If so, does this need khổng lồ be refrigerated? If so, how vày you get the icing back khổng lồ the way it was when first made?

Could you tell me the best temperature for frosting lớn successfully pipe roses? I am going lớn try your recipe. I have become so frustrated trying to learn to pipe roses. I can’t work on my technique because my frosting is too soft và keeps falling over when I try lớn pipe the petals. I have tried three different buttercream recipes, including one that is all Crisco & it was too soft lượt thích the butter-based ones. My kitchen stays at about 72 deg because my family members get cold, otherwise. I have tried putting my frosting bag in the refrigerator, but the piping tip gets clogged when it gets colder. By the time I get it unclogged and working, the frosting is warm again. I am going khổng lồ try your recipe & see if it will work for me, but is there an optimum temperature at which it will work best? Thanks.

Hi. I am in England could I ask what would be the best shorting lớn use?Also what other extract could be used instead of almond due to nut allergies?Thank you

Hello! i wanted to make a raspberry frosting so i was just going to lớn use a buttercream recipe and showroom raspberry extract…would I still showroom in both the vanilla và almond extracts as the recipe says in addition to lớn the raspberry? Thanks!

Hi. Going lớn try the piping icing on Chocolate covered buttercream Easter eggs tomorrow but I saw your question regarding Real Red. A cake decorator taught me years ago that lớn get khổng lồ red biến hóa a batch of pink and then showroom the red lớn it. It has produced results for me. Just FYI


My grand daughter cannot have dairy, what can I use instead of butter shortening và heavy whipping cream?Thank you!

I would honestly just use a different recipe. The chocolate frosting recipe on this cake is AMAZING!

I am new to piping, brand new. Can you tell me which tip you used lớn make those adorable trắng cupcakes with the sprinkles?

Hi!I want khổng lồ pipe my flowers ahead of time, place them on parchment paper và stick them in the freezer to lớn decorate cupcakes the next day. I know you said the consistency is different after freezing but how bởi vì you think it’ll be after pipping the flowers and just transferring them over the next day?

Thank you!

I really lượt thích this recipe and am going khổng lồ try it today.

I have a concern. I do not have butter flavored Crisco, but plain. I have butter extract, but I am concerned about adding liquid và have no idea how much lớn use. What vì you recommend?


I would make the frosting up with the plain Crisco before adding the butter extract. It might taste perfectly good without it, but if it does need it, I don’t think a few drops should hurt.

HI, Can I make flowers from the above buttercream recipe và put it in freezer to lớn use later? if yes will the colour fade?

I have never tried freezing this, so I can’t say whether or not it will. Sorry I’m not more help!