Buttery southern fried corn recipe

Are you tired of the same boring sides? This Skillet Fried Corn recipe is a southern delight! Sweet, buttery corn is fried in a cast iron skillet with onion, garlic & seasonings.

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Skillet Fried Corn

Skillet fried corn is a southern masterpiece and is a go-to corn recipe when you’ve had enough grilled corn on the cob. This dish is different from the southern creamed corn since it doesn’t use sugar, milk or flour. Instead, this savory side dish uses bacon drippings, butter, onion & cajun seasoning khổng lồ make a truly irresistible side dish!

Skillet fried corn just happens to lớn be one of my favorite summertime side dishes because it’s sweet, savory, and full of buttery corn in bacon drippings with tender fried onion & garlic. Everything is good about this southern side dish!

Not only is this dish something your taste buds will love, but it’s incredibly easy lớn make. With 5 minutes of prep time & a little skillet time, you can have an amazing side dish ready to go as you pull your entree out of the oven. You can quickly whip it up before a BBQ, tiệc ngọt or even for dinner with the family.


Southern Fried Corn Ingredients

With only 5-ingredients, this recipe takes virtually no time at all to prep. And, you probably already have everything you need to lớn make it!

Bacon grease: If you don’t have bacon grease, you can use olive oil. However, you only get the southern feel with good old bacon grease. Butter: You want khổng lồ use real salted butter, not margarine. Onion: I like to use a sweet yellow onion as it pairs well with the sweet corn. Corn: Fresh corn cut straight off the cob is the best, but you can use frozen corn as well! Just don’t use canned corn, the texture will not be the same. Garlic: Optional, but a clove or two of garlic adds a good amount of flavor. You can absolutely skip it if you aren’t a garlic fan!

How khổng lồ Make Skillet Fried Corn

Bland sides can be the downfall of your dinner, but this skillet fried corn adds flavor & spunk lớn any meal. And, it’s so incredibly easy to lớn make you’ll be adding it to lớn your thực đơn every week.

Cook the onion: First, địa chỉ your bacon grease (olive oil) and butter lớn a large skillet. Once the butter melts, cook your chopped onion for 3 minutes or until softened.

Add the corn and seasoning: Next, địa chỉ your corn & cajun seasoning to the skillet. Then, cook the corn on medium-low heat for 20 minutes.

Serve & Enjoy!


Tips for the Best Southern Fried Corn

Add bacon. If you don’t have bacon grease, you can always make bacon and địa chỉ it to lớn the fried corn. Cook the bacon first then remove it and continue with the recipe. Showroom your bacon back in the last 5 minutes of cooking.Spice it up. If you want a little kick, add some fresh chopped jalapeno when cooking the onion.

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Use all the corn. Two pounds of corn may seem lượt thích a lot of corn, but it cooks down when you cook it for trăng tròn minutes. Trust me, it’s really not that much.Stir often. While the corn is cooking, be sure to stir it often so it doesn’t burn lớn the bottom.Add more flavor. If you want more seasoning, you can showroom a little more cajun seasoning. Don’t địa chỉ cửa hàng salt before you taste it, since the cajun seasoning already has plenty of salt.

Recipe Variations

There are a bunch of fun ways lớn change up or dress up your skillet fried corn. Here are some popular variations we make often:

Bacon. Sauté chopped bacon first, until crispy, và remove it và set aside. Continue with recipe (keeping the bacon grease in skillet) & then add back in the cooked bacon for the last 5 minutes of cooking!Peppers/Chilies. Adding jalapeño, green bell pepper, hatch chilies or green chilies is easy! Just địa chỉ them when you showroom the onion! Spicy. If you lượt thích your fried corn spicy, there are quite a few ways lớn go about that. You can showroom jalapeños (directions above!), hot sauce, cayenne pepper, crushed red pepper flakes etc.

What is the Easiest Way khổng lồ Cut Corn Off the Cob?

For this recipe, you can use fresh corn or frozen corn. If you use fresh corn, you may need to cut it off the cob.

To cut the corn off the cob, rest the tip of the cob on your cutting board và tilt it at a 45-degree angle. Using a large knife, run it down the vị trí cao nhất face of the corn towards the board. Continue until all the kernels have been cut off.

Can I Use Canned Corn?

I would not use canned corn to lớn make skillet corn. This is because canned corn has been processed and added salt which can affect the recipe. However, if you can not use fresh corn, frozen corn makes a great substitute!


Main Dish Ideas

Not sure what to lớn make with this delicious southern side? Here are some great ideas lớn pair with this delicious corn!

How khổng lồ Store Leftovers

If you have leftover corn, you can store it in your refrigerator for 3-5 days. Let the corn cool, put it in a tupperware bowl with a lid & place it in the refrigerator.