Pulut tai tai/pulut tekan (pressed glutinous rice cake w


Ice cold, brimming with coconut flavor & eye-popping color, this Coconut Butterfly Pea Flower Boba Tea is summer’s best refresher!

I’ve been so eager khổng lồ try butterfly pea flower tea for months now, but I didn’t know where to lớn start. I’ve seen it used by pastry chefs in cakes and mousses with beautiful (naturally blue!) results. However, since I’m a butterfly pea flower tea newbie, I started with its intended purpose. Which is herbal tea. Paired with sweet coconut milk and boba (bubble) tea pearls, it makes a lovely sippable dessert.

A magic ingredient.

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The butterfly pea flower plant is native khổng lồ most South East Asian countries, but has only recently been introduced outside its natural territory. You won’t find it at the grocery store (but I hear Whole Foods is trying to lớn procure some). Instead you’ll have khổng lồ purchase it online. Aside from being used for tea or as a food ingredient, it’s been used as a popular plant dye for centuries. One of the neatest things about the tea is its color-changing properties. In its brewed state it is vibrant blue. Change the pH cấp độ with a little lemon juice & it turns bright purple!

Wow! SO pretty. The brewed tea has a slightly wheat-y flavor that I think has the aroma of whole grain cereal. Other people have described it as earthy and grassy, but it’s not as assertive as, say, matcha green tea (which is my measuring stick for ‘earthy và grassy’). It’s so light, and hides itself behind other bolder flavors easily.

Bubble love.

You may remember my first boba tea post (here) from years ago. For those uninitiated, “Bubble tea” or boba originated in Taiwan in the 1980’s. It first came lớn the states through Asian American communities. Now boba enthusiasts are everywhere! (Including right here, hi!). Reportedly, boba tea shops are in the midst of a boba shortage due to lớn supply chain issues, but smaller packages seem khổng lồ still be available for purchase online. However, if your local bubble tea shop is experiencing a shortage, you can still tư vấn them by purchasing their other thực đơn items. It’s the least we can do to keep these shops alive & well!

So. The very first order of business is cooking up some boba. You can usually find a small bag at international markets và online. This is the kind I used, which cooks quickly. Use the 5-minute variety for this recipe.

Next, brew up the tea. Let it stand for about 10 minutes. It will go through several beautiful color intensities as it steeps. You’ll know it’s ready when the color is deep sapphire blue.

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Strain the flowers out và press with the back of a spoon to remove as much liquid as possible. Let it cool down before you use it.

Next – the sweetest part! Combine coconut milk & sweetened condensed milk in a glass measure. Whisk together until no lumps of coconut milk solids remain.

The serving size of this recipe is variable depending on your glass size. Poured in 12 oz. Glasses you’ll get about 5 servings. Layer in as much boba as you’d like (I like a lot!) và fill each glass about 1/3 of the way up with the milk mixture. Fill up the glass lớn the vị trí cao nhất with crushed ice.

Tea time!

Pour in the steeped tea to the top of the glass. The milk & tea will slightly swirl và intermingle but they’ll stay mostly separated because the sweetened milk mixture is heavier than the tea. They’ll stay beautifully semi-swirled until you decide it’s time lớn mix it all up!

This drink is sweet và creamy with refreshing coconut flavor. The soft, chewy tapioca pearls make this half beverage, half snack. The butterfly pea flower tea is present more in màu sắc than flavor, but it’s more than just a novelty to me. It’s a whole new sandbox to lớn play in! The màu sắc is so beautiful, it reminds me of ocean water & I just want to lớn dive into it head-first. And I pretty much did just that (yum!)!