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Impress your guests with this pretty và delicious blue jelly — a stress-free, make-ahead dessert. It's fresh và delicate, bursting with sweet, floral notes from exotic butterfly pea flowers.

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Today, we want khổng lồ show you how khổng lồ use butterfly pea flowers lớn make a pretty and delicious xanh jelly. It's a quick và easy dessert you can make ahead of time & serve your guests with some fancy toppings. We're sure everyone will love it!

All you need are three simple ingredients: butterfly pea flowers, a sweetener, & a gelling agent, like agar or gelatine powder. That's it!

The recipe is based on the basic jelly (or jello) dessert: sweetened and flavoured water jellified with gelatine.

We used butterfly pea flowers to lớn make xanh tea (also called blue pea tea) & sweetened it with sugar-free erythritol. Then, we cooked it with agar powder, & finally, we let the xanh jelly mix in the fridge in moulds.

Let's quickly take a look at these three ingredients.

Erythritol is a natural sweetener that tastes like sugar but has no calories — great for sugar-free desserts. But, if you prefer, you can swap erythritol with sugar in 1:1 ratio.

Agar powder is a vegan alternative lớn gelatine that gets activated when you cook it và sets in the fridge when it cools down. If you want lớn use agar flakes or vegan gelatine, check our tips in the recipe below.

Butterfly pea flowers are beautiful xanh flowers found in Southeast Asia.

It's a bầu tradition khổng lồ use butterfly pea flowers lớn make xanh tea. But these wonderful flowers are widely used in many other recipes across Southeast Asia like drinks, sweets, desserts, & more.

When you steep butterfly pea flowers in hot water or milk, they release their deep blue pigments, giving a wonderful blue hue lớn your dishes. They taste earthy, grassy, & delicately floral — similar lớn matcha but sweeter.

You can find dried butterfly pea flowers at your local Asian food store or online. You can also buy blue pea flower powder, sometimes called "blue matcha". But no matter what you can find, we'll show you to prepare the xanh jelly with dried or powdered flowers!

Once ready, flip the xanh pea jelly on serving plates and garnish it as you like it the most or follow our toppings ideas below. It's a light & fresh dessert that tastes sweet & floral and looks so pretty!

And if you're wondering what else you could make with butterfly pea flowers, kiểm tra out this spongy blue cake, blue pea cheesecake, & butterfly pea bubble tea. You'll love them!


Change Servings
Measuring System
680 mL
Agar Agar Powder
5 g
Butterfly Pea Flowers (or powder, see recipe)
2 tbsp
Sugar-Free Erythritol (or regular sugar)
120 g

Equipment & Pantry

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Recipe Instructions

step 1

Add the given water lớn a pot.

Tip in the agar-agar powder a bit at a time lớn avoid lumps, & stir well with a spoon until it's completely dissolved.

Make sure you weigh the agar powder accurately, as even a small amount can affect the final result.

You can swap agar powder with the same amount of gelatine powder (vegan if needed). If you want to lớn use agar flakes instead, you need lớn double the amount — but always check the package instructions.

Next, stir in the sugar-free sweetener erythritol (or regular sugar if you don't need the jelly to be sugar-free), followed by dried butterfly pea flowers.

You can substitute the flowers with blue pea powder (also called "blue matcha"), using half a teaspoon for every 2 tablespoons of flowers.

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Now, bring all khổng lồ a gentle boil & simmer over low heat while stirring for 3 minutes to activate the agar-agar.



step 2

Remove the flowers, & skim off any foam or flower bits if needed.

You should now have a deep blue butterfly pea jelly mix.

Divide it among serving pudding tins or silicone moulds, filling them khổng lồ the top.

If you don't have pudding moulds, you can use muffin tins or opt for a cake tin and then slice the blue jelly into squares or rectangles.

Allow the blue pea jellies khổng lồ cool down at room temperature for 10 minutes, & then let them harden in the fridge for at least one hour.

The jellies are ready when the surface feels set and slightly bouncy when poked.



step 3

Once ready, gently loosen the jellies up from their moulds.

If you are not using silicone moulds, run a silicone spatula along the edges of the jelly tin và push it all the way down to lớn the bottom khổng lồ create an air pocket.

Then, carefully flip the jelly onto a dessert plate và serve.

Your beautiful butterfly pea jelly is ready!

You can garnish it with fresh or dried flowers, coconut flakes, chopped fruit, or crumbled cookies.

And why not serve it alongside a scoop of ice cream? Try it with our sugar-free mango sorbet or fragrant lavender ice cream.



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If you prepared the blue jelly in a large jelly mould or cake tin, you can flip it onto a plate và slice it into cubes. Then, make a Thai-style jelly dessert by serving the jelly pieces in cups or glasses and drizzling them with fresh coconut milk. So good!

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