How to make easy kimchi at home


I FINALLY KNOW HOW to MAKE HOMEMADE KIMCHEE (or homemade kimchi; please read the history of the word ‘kimchee’ & ‘kimchi’ below).

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My friend’s Korean mother came over khổng lồ my house và taught me how lớn make homemade kimchi/kimchee và I am forever grateful.

I eat so much kimchi/kimchee. I buy bags of them at the Asian mart and they aren’t cheap. One bag is about $13 & it only lasts me about a week.

I also love incorporating kimchee into a variety of dishes.

I put kimchee in fried rice (I have a kimchi fried rice in my cookbook), on top of scrambled eggs, on top of burgers, on vị trí cao nhất of bulgogi, và so much more.


What is kimchi/kimchee?

Kimchi or kimchee is a staple traditional Korean side dish made of fermented and salted Napa cabbage & radish.

What does kimchee like?

It has a multitude of flavors. The prominent flavors are garlicky, sour, & spicy.

Is homemade kimchee really spicy?

Depends on what kind of kimchee you make and/or buy. Some can be really spicy but with homemade kimchee you can tailor it to lớn your spice level.

Why is it spelled kimchi & kimchee?

Kimchee is the traditional way that South Koreans spell it. Kimchi is made up from the Japanese, but there is history about the spelling that you can explore more here.

Why is homemade kimchi better than store-bought?

So much cheaper (cost-effective)You can make it your ownYou can mô tả with friends và familyIt’s fun!

Can you use American cabbage?

No, it won’t be the same.

Can I use gochujang instead of the red pepper powder?

No, no, no.

Can I use regular salt?

In the video, Chunok told me that you should try to get coarse sea salt & not salt lượt thích Morton’s or đá quí kosher salt because it makes the cabbage too soft và wilted & pulls out too much moisture so you’ll have a lot more liquid.

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So definitely look for coarse sea salt granules.


What if I can’t find the red pepper powder?

Okay, so I’m about khổng lồ go on a rant here because everyone wants authentic cultural recipes but no one is willing lớn actually get the authentic ingredients thatmake the dish authentic.

You cannot substitute this red pepper powder for anything else. It is specific khổng lồ kimchi.

It is not the same as cayenne pepper. It is not the same as chili powder. It is not the same as red pepper flakes. It is not the same as red pepper flakes pulverized. It is not the same as sriracha.

Another term for this Gochugaru if you cannot find ‘red pepper powder.’

I know for sure they have it on Amazon.

Please, everyone, if you want khổng lồ make this authentic and for it to turn out as intended, please stop substituting & please stop lumping all Asian condiments as the same. It’s like saying we can make pasta sauce with ketchup because they’re both red & have tomato in it.

How vì chưng I get my homemade kimchee more sour tasting like what I’m used to?

Leave it out longer before you put it in the fridge.


How vì I get my homemade kimchee less sour? It’s too pungent for me.

Put it in the fridge earlier. Leave it overnight after you’ve made it & then put it in the fridge in the morning.

What if I don’t have a blender?

You can use a food processor.

What types of jars did you use for your homemade kimchee?

I bought wide mouth half gallon jars. The wide mouth jars make stuffing the kimchi into the jars a lot easier.


Watch us make homemade kimchee & then make it yourself!

Thank you so much Chun Ok for showing me and everyone how to lớn make homemade kimchee! This will be a forever treasured gift.

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