Kimchi fried rice with peas and cabbage


Kimchi Mari is a very quick (5 min) kimchi rice dish that you can make any time. Just need rice, kimchi và few seasonings. No cooking required! (except for rice).

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So simple and delicious!!

* cold kimchi rice served in bowl

This is all you need khổng lồ make a nice, simple meal that’s refreshing và just so addictive. 

What to serve with

You really don’t need much else with this meal but you can certainly make some light soups lớn go with it. I love it with Sogogi Muguk (Beef Radish Soup) or Bugeo Guk (dried pollock soup)

Suggestions for Banchan or side dish for Kimchi Mari – Cold Kimchi Rice:

myulchi bokkeum, sauteed burdock, sauteed dried shrimp will all go really well with this dish.


Substitute or địa chỉ radish or other kind of kimchi khổng lồ vary the flavorAdd some kimchi juice or dongchimi 동치미 juice to lớn the rice if you want lớn make it moist. If you are making it very soupy, địa chỉ cửa hàng some ice khổng lồ make it extra crispy & zingy.

FYI Guksoo (김치말이 국수) is a cold kimchi noodle soup that is similar to lớn the soupy rice version. This is easier khổng lồ find at restaurants than this rice dish.