Vanilla frosting recipe: how to make it

This is The Best Vanilla Buttercream Frosting! It’s rich and creamy, và is super easy to lớn whip up.

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It pipes beautifully, and is the perfect way to finish off all of your cakes and cupcakes!


We celebrated our daughter’s fifth birthday last week và even as I type this, I find myself still sitting here in a state of denial!

It seems lượt thích just yesterday I was sharing a tutorial on how to lớn make her1st birthday smash cake. But in reality, it was actually FOUR years ago!!!

When people say “the days are long but the years are short,” that is the absolute truth.

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I sure wish time would slow down with these babies of mine.

Our princess’s request for her birthday cake was a “pink cake with a ballerina on top.”

I was able lớn provide the pink frosting just fine, but after realizing my construction efforts are pretty subpar, I turned khổng lồ Etsy for a ballerina cake topper. Which was GORGEOUS by the way! If you’re interested, this is the one I ordered.


As for the frosting, I made this one (and dyed it pink). This is my go-to frosting recipe, và in my opinion, is The BEST Vanilla Buttercream Frosting ever!

I’ve been making it for AGES so I’m surprised I haven’t shared it before!


I have another recipe for buttercream here on my site that I use a lot as well, but this one right here is my favorite because it doesn’t require shortening, & it’s SO SO delicious!

I địa chỉ plenty of vanilla khổng lồ give it really good flavor & it pipes onto cakes và cupcakes so well, and holds its shape beautifully! I think y’all are really going to lớn love it!

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