Dragon fruit jelly mooncake recipe

Mooncakes – The heart of Mid-Autumn Festival

What was once a much anticipated day for joyous family reunions, paper lanterns and moon gazing, has unfortunately slipped down the pecking order of festivities in Malaysia. Somehow, mooncakes seem khổng lồ be the only prevalent symbol of the mid-autumn festival that remains widespread today. So today, in an attempt lớn stay true to customs, let’s make some mooncakes. I must admit, I did “cheat” a little with tradition. Disclaimer, this is not by any means your usual mooncake. However, if you are looking for a unique, lighter version with local taste, this cendol gula melaka jelly mooncake with custard yolk might just be it!

Cendol is a popular South East Asian shaved ice dessert that is immensely popular. The chewy strips of pandan rice flour, fragrance of the santan coupled with the deep caramel sweetness of local palm sugar is khổng lồ die for. This jelly mooncake imports that signature taste of cendol, making the perfect dessert that is light & refreshing to the palate. Lớn replicate the yolk in the center, I’ve made a custard ball instead.

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A versatile jelly mooncake that can be done with any màu sắc or flavor.

With jelly as its main body, it is really easy khổng lồ play around with colors và flavors. For this particular recipe, the main theme would be the coconut-ey và pandan base. To get the right consistency, use canned or packaged coconut milk that is thicker, rather than the drinking coconut milk. I love how it is semi translucent and you can get shades of the green cendol on the inside.

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Of course, as both the inner and outer layers are both jellies, you could reverse the layers if you want. That way, with the brown gula melaka jelly on the exterior, it would visually resemble the traditional mooncake even more. It really is up to lớn you.

As I did not have any round ice cube moulds, I decided lớn improvise and made custard “yolk” balls instead. I was very happy with how it turned out as the custard balls, with its gritty texture, appeared to look so much lượt thích the real deal. It adds more richness to contrast the light jelly for a balanced mouthfeel.


Getting the right texture và taste for your cendol jelly mooncake

I used a combination of agar-agar powder and jelly powder. If you are unable khổng lồ procure jelly powder, you may substitute it with just agar-agar powder. Using agar-agar powder would give you a chewy, solid texture, while jelly powder yields a softer texture. If you were to use just jelly powder alone, you would get a chewy but jiggly texture which is what we are not after in this recipe.

It is important to ensure that the agar agar and jelly powder dissolves fully during cooking. This will ensure that the jelly will phối properly later.

I wouldn’t recommend using brown sugar to substitute gula melaka, as brown sugar does not have the same caramel aroma.

Quick đoạn clip Guides

Here’s a quick đoạn clip guide on how I made the custard yolk and the making of the Cendol Jelly Mooncake below: