6 famous dishes of chau doc


Chau Doc is known as a famous spiritual tourist destination in the southwestern region. This thành phố also possesses many quality natural & cultural landscapes.

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Not only a pilgrimage tourist destination, but Chau Doc (An Giang) also owns a beautiful landscape và rich culture. Located on the confluence of a lãng mạn river, Chau Doc has a typical topography of a river area, at the same time the cultural intersection of many groups of people makes the đô thị more colorful.

What lớn play in Chau Doc

Mount Sam : The most famous mountain in the West. Covering an area of ​​about 280 hectares, 241 meters high, Sam mountain is covered with shade trees all year round, in summer, the red color of phoenix, nestled beside the winding canals around.

Sam Nui has an extremely rich system of temples, pagodas and caves, creating a beautiful landscape in the middle of the rich plains.


In addition to the temple system, Sam mountain is also attracted by the majestic natural beauty. Photo: Hai Trieu.

Cam Mountain: Also known as Thien Cam Son, about 37 km from Chau Doc. This is the highest mountain in the Mekong Delta. Cam Mountain attracts tourists by its majestic natural landscape, airy air & many unique architectural works such as Bo Hong Palace, Maitreya Buddha statue …

In addition, visitors also have the opportunity khổng lồ participate in climbing activities, explore caves or bathe streams in Cam Mountain.


The unspoiled landscape & quiet space in the Forbidden Mountain attracts visitors. Photo: House of the clouds.

Chau Giang Cham Village: One of the famous Cham villages in An Giang, Chau Giang is famous for its Islamic beliefs & activities in cultural life. In particular, here also preserves customs, traditional practices in the style of stilt houses in the river.

Here, in a quiet rural space, visitors can experience canoeing, weaving, cultural learning through the hundred-year-old stilt houses and majestic mosques.


The beautiful churches in Cham village. Photo: Hoai Thu Pham.

Tra Su Melaleuca Forest : About 30 km from Chau Doc, the forest is a wonderful ecotourism destination with many rare species of animals. Here, visitors move on wooden boats drifting along the water, immersed in the shade of melaleuca trees. Attractive, unique natural landscape along with quiet space help visitors forget the chaos of the city.


Melaleuca forests are poetic during the flooding season. Photo: Phuong Mai Nguyen.

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Chau Doc Floating Village : A typical symbol of river culture, where people build wooden raft houses to live. Each house usually consists of many fish rafts around, creating a large, cool space. Here, people mainly use boats và boats khổng lồ serve their travel and fish farming activities.

Coming here, visitors can also sit on the boat to visit the fish cage farming village, learn about the floating life on the river, and enjoy delicious food right on the raft.


A unique floating village in Chau Doc. Photo: Phu Tan.

What to eat in Chau Doc

Bun with trumpet water: is a unique noodle dish of Chau Doc region, cooked with coconut milk. In terms of processing, this dish is similar khổng lồ curry vermicelli, the outstanding difference in the ingredients is the use of fish. Because this dish is difficult to lớn cook well & with the right taste, there are very few processing places lớn serve customers. In Chau Doc, there are only 2 locations selling noodle soup.

The famous noodle cửa hàng is near Chau Doc market. Photo: Phong Le Thanh.

Jaggery Beef Cake: An Giang is known as the land of palm trees, so it is not difficult to lớn understand when the jaggery beef cake becomes a specialty of this land. The golden cake, the fatty aroma of coconut milk blends with palm sugar, impresses visitors.

Delicious jaggery beef cake is a specialty of Chau Doc. Photo: PN PN.

Types of fish sauce : Along with jaggery beef cake, fish sauce is one of the famous specialties of Chau Doc. Visiting Chau Doc market, visitors cannot help be overwhelmed by the variety of fish sauce here. From snakehead fish sauce, bầu fish sauce, fish sauce, sauce sauce, fish sauce, khổng lồ the three-notch fish sauce … the stalls emit a characteristic smell, placed on high, clean, attractive shelves.

But the fish sauce stalls attract diners at Chau Doc market. Photo: Phuong Toan Nguyen.

Beef 7 dishes with Sam mountain : That Son beef is famous for its softness và deliciousness, is an interesting choice for diners when coming lớn Chau Doc. Here the beef will be processed into 7 dishes to serve customers in turn, including: Beef dipped in vinegar, spring rolls, grilled beef, beef with betel leaves, beef satay, beef steak and porridge. Cow.

7-course beef from That Son region brings an interesting culinary experience for diners when coming lớn the West. Follow zingnews/Photo: Khanh Linh.