Citrus Lemon And Lime Salt


I’ve begun to lớn realize that I have an obsession with salt, salt of every flavor and variety. I don’t heavily salt my food but I bởi vì enjoy the briny taste of salt when it hits my taste buds. I’ve always had a preference for salt over sweet, và if I have a sweet I love a cảm biến of salt with it. That doesn’t make me obsessive, however a quick inventory of my pantry and one would agree that I have a problem…

I have at this very moment:

Iodized table saltCoarse sea salt for grindingKosher saltTruffle saltCelery salt“Real salt” from the Salt LakeBlack Magic seasoning salt (that’s my house blend)Cabernet saltHawiian đen Lava saltSel GrisFleur de SelSmoked Sea SaltAromat (a seasoned salt I bought in South Africa)Margarita salt…hey I’m counting it allOld bay rim salt (another of my concoctionsRock salt…okay, so maybe that shouldn’t count

Freakin ridiculous right! Given my obsession with salt, and I think we can all agree that it is an obsession, it’s no wonder that when I got my Secret Recipe Club assignment Bklyn Locavore I immediately honed in on the Chili Lime Salt. ‘nough said you knew I’d be a gonner! Plus I’m already thinking of Christmas gifts I can make (I continue year after year lớn fantasize that I will start early…)

While perusing the blog I really have khổng lồ admire Melissa & her commitment khổng lồ eating local. And I really lượt thích the fact that eating local is more important khổng lồ her than purchasing organic. Plus Melissa has a practical approach, realizing that she can’t possibly live without coffee & olive oil. Và she wouldn’t turn down going out lớn eat in a restaurant that doesn’t necessarily serve only local food, I love how she is realistic about life & just does the best she can! Eating all local is easier if you live in California but for those of us who don’t…well, we would be mal-nourished if we didn’t make some concessions.

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Melissa I didn’t go local with the Chili Lime Salt. Limes, salt và chili’s aren’t native khổng lồ Montana…however, this year I’m growing some chili’s and plan on drying them for salt making. After reading through the post Melissa suggested some other fab salt ideas which gave me the idea khổng lồ use something I did grow myself and dried, it seemed only right based on Melissa’s passion for local food. Although I have a lemon tree in my house, it didn’t have a ripe lemon khổng lồ choose from so I used a purchased lemon. But I did use some dried rosemary that I grew myself. Hooray! So I’m giving you two salt recipes.

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Son now I have 17 different edible salts in my home…is there a therapy group forgourmet salt addictions?

I used a jar & blender instead of a mortal & pestle…cause I’m lazy

I see in my future a thai salt with bầu basil and Chili’s (I’m attempting khổng lồ grow both in my garden) and maybe a cucumber salt (that will take a little more thought).

Melissa, thanks for fueling my salt obsession…watch out friends và family you may be seeing salt this và that at Christmas time.