Easy chocolate ice cream recipe


Make Chocolate Ice Cream at trang chủ with just 4 ingredients! Classy, ultra-smooth và creamy, this chocolate ice cream is the perfect summer treat. This recipe is simple, quick and comes together under 15 mins, all the time it takes is to freeze. It’s eggless & no ice cream machine needed.

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Humans have been making frozen milk treats for hundreds of years. One such example is a Kulfi that served as ancestors khổng lồ the modern ice creams brought over from Europe khổng lồ the United States. Nowadays, ice cream is not only the province of royalty. Everyone can enjoy ice cream!

Sometimes you just want a few scoops of chocolate ice cream khổng lồ satisfy that sweet tooth without the extra effort of making traditional French style ice cream which requires eggs.

About Chocolate Ice Cream

Enter this homemade chocolate ice cream that can be made without an ice cream machine và without eggs!

Like the Indian Kulfi, this recipe uses sweetened condensed milk. Modern sweetened condensed milk was invented in the 1850s by Gail Borden, who heated milk và treated it with sugar to inhibit bacterial growth. Not only does this canned milk last longer, it also serves some important functions for giving this chocolate ice cream its delicious texture.

Condensed Milk

The fat and sugar in condensed milk not only give the ice cream sweetness và a nice mouthfeel, they also help deter ice crystal growth. This helps keep the ice cream from freezing into a solid block; instead, you get a scoopable, creamy texture.

Heavy Cream

The heavy cream in the recipe serves a similar purpose. On đứng top of assisting with texture and keeping away ice crystals, whipped heavy cream also incorporates air into the recipe và allows it to replicate the air nội dung (overrun) of commercial ice creams without needing an ice cream machine.

Instead of dense semi-frozen cream, your homemade ice cream remains light & fluffy without the churn!

Cocoa Powder

But what about arguably the most delicious part of the ice cream, the cocoa powder? This is what gives the ice cream its intense flavor. Cocoa powders have no additional sweeteners & so are quite bitter on their own. On đứng top of that, they often come in two varieties: natural & Dutch-processed or alkalized cocoa powder.

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While you can use either in this recipe, keep in mind there will be some flavor differences.

Natural cocoa powder has a lower pH and therefore more acidity. It will still give you that delicious chocolate taste you know và crave.

Dutch-processed or alkalized cocoa powder is cocoa powder treated with alkaline solutions to raise its pH and make it less acidic. This gives the cocoa powder a darker màu sắc and richer, earthier flavor.

Sometimes you can find cocoa powders that are a set of natural and Dutch-processed cocoa. No matter what kind of cocoa powder you use, you’ll want lớn use the highest chất lượng you can afford khổng lồ give you the best flavor in your ice cream.

Now you know everything you need to lớn make an easy homemade chocolate ice cream with no machine, no eggs, và very little effort. So what are you waiting for? Try this homemade chocolate ice cream today!

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