How to plant, grow, and care for chrysanthemums


Are you thinking of adding some flowers to lớn your garden but aren"t sure which ones to showroom this season? The chrysanthemum is one of the most popular flowers in the entire world.

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In this article, flower expert & farm owner Taylor Sievers walks through how khổng lồ get the best results when you plant, grow, và care for chrysanthemums in your garden.


We’ve all felt it. The summer was long & full of beautiful flowers blooming in bright, spicy colors, & yet as August comes to lớn a close it seems that all is dying back in the garden–or at the very least covered in mildews và leaf spots.

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The garden just isn’t what it was…

Enter the chrysanthemum–or rather, “mum” if you have trouble pronouncing that perplexing name (darn you, Linnaeus). Not only vày these plants step it up và put on a show when most other plants are long done blooming, but given the right conditions they can perennialize in your garden OR you can easily root cuttings to lớn have plant starts for next Spring. That’s a win-win for this gardener!

There are more than 40 species of chrysanthemums known today! Grow them in a pot or a flower bed in full sun, pinch them a few times, & you’ll have blooms galore. Mums used as cut flowers usually have excellent vase life, while other chrysanthemums are renowned for their uses in teas or as a natural source of the insect repellent pyrethrum. Let’s take a deeper look at everything you need to know about growing Mums in your garden!