Carrot jam (3 ingredients) in 2022


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Carrot Jam is ready in 25 minutes with just 3 simple ingredients: carrots, lemon and sugar! Try this tasty carrot marmalade on toast, yogurt, waffles…


This delicious Carrot Jam is based on a recipe from 1861, và you only need 3 simple ingredients!

It"s bright, tasty và super-easy with no unusual equipment needed. It tastes like apricot jam, but only contains carrots, lemon và sugar.

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Enjoy carrot marmalade on toast, yogurt, pancakes and more.

Carrot jam? Actual carrots in jam? I hear you ask. Yes. Carrots.

Trust me.

Well actually, you don’t even have to lớn trust little ol’ me for this. I’ve based this carrot jam recipe on a recipe from famous Victorian cookery writer, Mrs Beeton.

For over 100 years (actually, more than 8 Centuries - read on), cooks have been turning the humble carrot into a sweet & tasty vegetable jam.

It has a wonderful flavor, similar khổng lồ apricot jam - even though it’s just made from carrots, sugar và lemon juice.

Use carrot jam as you would any other jam - on toast, crumpets, cake, crackers, pancakes…

Reader Testimonials

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I made this today and it"s delicious. Really lovely on toast & so easy to make. Thank you.” - Aster

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I just made this for the second time and love it. So easy and tastes really nice.” - Sarah

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “This recipe was so brilliant & so easy, whoever would have thought carrots could make jam! Love it” - Alexis

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “We have made the carrot jam a few times và find it so easy but most of all delicious. It’s so easy & tasty we have it with everything it’s that nice.” - Shirley

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I’ve just made 2 jars of this và it is delicious.” - Diane

Why you"ll love this recipe

It tastes lượt thích apricot jam - which will blow your mind knowing that it’s made from carrots.

It has a wonderfully bright orange color.

This recipe makes a small batch jam - just two jam jars full - so it"s perfect for anyone who doesn"t want too much!

It’s a great way to lớn use up carrots. Even if they’re a bit floppy & past their best, carrots can still be used in this vegetable jam.

It’s a fun recipe to make for a kids school Victorian or wartime day.

It has a lovely thick texture from the carrot puree, while the strips of grated carrot make it a bit lượt thích a carrot marmalade.

Make it with 3 simple ingredients.


What does carrot jam taste like?

It is really lovely & oddly doesn"t taste of carrots at all - it is very similar lớn apricot jam!

Also, it is luminous orange. I mean, seriously bright orange.

It"s like 1990s rave jam.

I can"t tell you how much that pleases me.

It’s sweet, subtly carroty and absolutely delicious.

The texture is a bit thicker than your typical jam, from the carrot puree, & it has some strands of grated carrot for extra lovely texture, sort of lượt thích marmalade.


Ingredients & Tools

YOu only need a few simple ingredients for carrot marmalade!

Carrots - obviously. They can be any kích cỡ or shape, and it’s a great way lớn use up older ones that are a bit soft.

Lemons - you’ll need zest và juice so a fresh lemon is best. But if you don’t have one, just omit the zest and use lemon juice from a bottle.

Sugar - you’ll need plain old granulated white sugar.

( Optional) Brandy or another spirit. If you want your carrot jam khổng lồ keep for longer than a few weeks, you’ll need to địa chỉ some brandy or another alcohol khổng lồ preserve it.

GraterKnifeCutting boardLarge PanWooden SpoonImmersion blender, blender or food processor to lớn puree the cooked carrots.Jars - 2 x 2 cup (400ml) jam jars with lids

Step by step tutorial

This is SUCH an easy recipe. Truly easy. Just follow these simple step by step photos for the perfect carrot marmalade.

Then, scroll down khổng lồ the recipe card at the bottom of the post for the full ingredients list and instructions.


Peel và grate a carrot to lớn total ½ cup (50g) grated and set it aside.

Peel the rest of the carrots và chop them into rounds.

Note: The form size doesn"t matter but try to get them roughly the same form size so they cook evenly.


Put the chopped carrots into a large pan and địa chỉ cửa hàng enough water to lớn just cover them.

Boil the carrots until soft (about 10 mins), then drain.


Puree the cooked carrots with a blender or immersion hand blender.If necessary, put the pureed carrots into a fine sieve & push out any excess water.

Weigh out 400g (2 cups) of the pureed carrot and discard any remaining (though it"s great to địa chỉ cửa hàng to soups, stews or mixed with maple syrup & added to lớn porridge).

Put the carrot puree, the ½ cup of grated carrot & the sugar into a large pan.


Bring lớn the boil for five minutes, stirring often. Skim off any froth that forms.

Allow to cool for 10 minutes and then stir in the lemon zest and juice.

Store in the fridge for two weeks, or put into sterilized jars to lớn store for longer (up lớn 12 months). See cảnh báo below regarding sterilising jars.

Makes 2 ½ cups of jam.

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Carrot jam can be refrigerated for up lớn 2 weeks in a clean jar (doesn’t have to lớn be sterilised for short term storage).

To store Carrot Jam for longer, or lớn give it as an edible Christmas gift, you will need lớn pour it into sterilised jars, cover with a small disc of baking paper or wax paper and địa chỉ cửa hàng the sterilised lids.

Store in a cool, dry place và use within 12 months.See note below on sterilising jars.

Mrs Beeton suggests adding 2 tablespoons of brandy when storing the jam lớn help preserve it - which sounds lượt thích a tasty grown up way khổng lồ keep it longer. Whiskey, rum or gin would work too!

The History of Carrot Jam

This recipe is adapted from the famous historic cookery book, Mrs Beeton"s Book of Household Management, 1861.

Mrs Beeton is a famous British Victorian cookbook writer and I’m so happy to lớn have an early copy of her book. It’s such fun khổng lồ flip through và see all the bonkers old recipes lượt thích Mock Turtle Soup. The Victorian love of ‘mock’ recipes meant they referred to this carrot jam as ‘Mock Apricot Jam’. Rightly so, since it really does taste similar to apricot jam.

During WW2, carrot jam saw a resurgence in popularity. Fruit was in short supply during rationing, so many wartime cooks turned to the carrots that grew bountifully in their trang chủ gardens. They referred lớn it as Carrot Marmalade, since they weren’t able lớn get the oranges that made up typical marmalade.

But the history of carrot jam started long before it became trendy to Victorian, và then wartime, cooks.

Since the 12th Century, carrot jam has been made in Persia. It’s still popular there in modern day Iran, where the recipe is very similar khổng lồ this one, but with a few notable additions: cardamom & rose water.

From then, carrot jam spread around the Middle East & the Mediterranean. There are variations in Turkey, Greece, Spain & other countries.

Carrot Marmalade or Carrot Butter

You can make chutney with zucchini, parsnips or carrot, but I like the sweeter & smoother texture of jam.

You could hotline this carrot jam, carrot marmalade or carrot butter.

For carrot marmalade, use more grated carrot và less pureed.

For carrot butter, puree all of it và skip the grated.

It"s a thick consistency và I like adding some of the carrot back in so it isn"t too smooth, so my jam is sort of a hybrid of butter/marmalade.

It"s a versatile spread that"s sweet yet tangy, vibrantly coloured and bursting with flavour.

I really have no idea how you can mix carrots, lemon và sugar and it comes out tasting so much like apricot jam.

It"s magic and wizardry, yet soooo delicious.


Uses for Carrot Jam

There are many ways khổng lồ use carrot jam, and other vegetable jam recipes. Try it on:

Pancakes (great on Gingerbread Pancakes)ToastWaffles (try it on my Vegan Waffles)YogurtPies and tartsCookies (try it in my Jammy Dodgers aka Linzer Cookies)Stir it into Carrot Cake OatmealLayer it with yogurt & granola into a carrot cake parfait.I"ve even used carrot jam as a filling in cake in the Carrot Victoria Sponge recipe in my cookbook,Veggie Desserts + Cakes.


Add 2 tablespoon brandy for an authentic Victorian flavor for adults. Stir it in when you showroom the lemon zest.

Turn it into Carrot Cake Jam by adding ½ teaspoon each of ground cinnamon, nutmeg và cloves when you add the sugar và grated carrot lớn the pot.

Make it a Persian Carrot Jam (known in Iran as Morabaye Havij or Murraba-ye-Havij) by adding 2 teaspoons rose water & 1 teaspoon ground cardamom at the end, and cook on low for a further 5 minutes, stirring often.

Make it a Greek Carrot Jam by adding the zest of 2 oranges (instead of lemon) and ½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon.

For Turkish Carrot Jam, địa chỉ 1 tablespoon ground cardamom.

Sterilizing jars

Check out this post about how khổng lồ sterilize jars.

You can sterilize the jars by washing them in hot soapy water (or running them through the dishwasher).

Rinse them thoroughly, then place them, still wet, onto a baking tray and place into a 320F / 160C preheated oven for 15 minutes or until dry. Carefully remove from the oven and fill with the jam.

Sterilize the jam jar lids by soaking them in boiling water for a few minutes.

Alternatively, you can bởi water bath canning.

Note: don’t put cold jam in a hot jar, or hot jam into a cold jar - in case it cracks the glass.

Carrot Recipes

I love the sweetness that carrots bring to sweet treats. We"ve all heard of carrot cake, but I lượt thích to use them in more original ways.

Check out my other carrot recipes, including: my super-easy quick cinnamon carrot soda bread.With no kneading or rising, you can have bread on the table in 30 minutes!

I also have the recipe for carrot orange cupcakes with orange icing. Unlike spiced heavy carrot cakes, the carrot cupcakes are light and zingy from the orange.

Go vegan with Vegan Carrot Cake - perfect spread with this carrot jam in the middle layer.

For something savory, try carrot hummus, Moroccan carrot fritters, carrot sweet potato soup or carrot pizza.

I hope you"ll enjoy this unusual jam recipe. It"s sweet, easy, delicious and a great way khổng lồ use up a glut of carrots or to save some from being wasted.

It"s lovely on hot buttered toast, as a cake filling, on pancakes or any other way you like to use jam!

Get creative with scones, tea cakes or swirl it into blondies. There are so many options for this yummy & versatile spread.

Happy jam making, Kate x


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