Coffee and coconut cream jelly recipe

These coffee và coconut jellies are the sweet treat of my childhood (yes, even with coffee flavour!). Coffee và sweetened condensed milk & coconut make for a delicious bộ combo for these crunchy Vietnamese Coffee jelly treats.

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These crunchy jellies are traditionally vegan! You can make them with so many different flavour combinations since coconut goes so well with so many flavours! Traditionally you’ll find coconut & coffee or coconut và pandan. I’ve also seen the trio of coffee, coconut và pandan. I have plans lớn play with ube and coconut, ube và pandan, và strawberry và coconut!

What is Vietnamese Coffee?

The Vietnamese coffee I grew up drinking is cafe du Monde Chicory coffee. It’s in a yellow and brown can và is such a nostalgic flavour. I brewed 2 tbsp of Vietnamese coffee with about một nửa cup of water in the Vietnamese phin, and added that


What can I use if I don’t like coffee?

Like I mentioned, this dessert is often made with pandan as well! A lot of people have asked me what pandan flavour is, và it’s a grassy leaf, also called pandan or screwpine. They look like thick blades of grass, & are often bruised và wrapped into a bundle then simmered in coconut milk or water to release the flavour.

I take the shortcut of using pandan paste or pandan extract. The paste has food colouring to lớn get nice green hue, but you can use clear pandan extract. No food colouring means you’ll have a beautiful clear layer to contrast with the opaque coconut layer.

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Do I need sweetened condensed coconut milk?

If you can’t find sweetened condensed coconut or oat milk, feel miễn phí to replace with an additional 75 g (1/3 cup) of sugar, and địa chỉ a bit of extra coconut milk lớn maintain the creaminess. The sweetened condensed milk is a traditional flavour for Vietnamese coffee (Cà Phê Sữa), which is why I included it in these Vietnamese coffee jellies.

I find my sweetened condensed plant milk from my local vegan shop, Bulk Barn, Asian market, or online :) Nature’s charm is the brand I usually go for.

Interested in more Vietnamese desserts?

Try making chè ba màu, Vietnamese Three Colour Bean Dessert or grass jelly with matcha!