Easy Coffee Jelly Recipe (Mứt Đậu Trắng)

This lazy & super easy vegan Biscoff tiramisu has been one of my go-to desserts to lớn throw together in 10 minutes khổng lồ graze on whenever the craving for tiramisu strikes!


I just had a baby less than a month ago, and the craving for tiramisu has been extremely strong. Now that I think about it, I had hankerings for vegan tiramisu throughout my pregnancy as well. Once Beanie Baby arrived, my cravings have gotten way stronger.

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Now, traditionally, you make tiramisu with ladyfingers, which are a very egg-heavy Italian cookie. While I could bake those myself using the magic of aquafaba, but like I said, I just had a baby. I have limited time between these 3 hour newborn cycles of feed/change/sleep.

My time management skills before having a baby were questionable at best. Now I have lớn relearn how to lớn squeeze in showers, meals, and chores between keeping my human tamagotchi alive. I hadn’t planned on writing much about parenthood here, but if you’re interested in the day-to-day, I nội dung snippets in my Instagram/Facebook stories!


Needless lớn say, I’m not making ladyfingers from scratch anytime soon.

The tìm kiếm for an adequate cookie for tiramisu happened when I had a late night craving for tiramisu. I had an mở cửa package of Biscoff cookies I had half-eaten at the hospital. They’re fairly delicious on their own, but have a relatively neutral flavour. Since Biscoff cookies are commonly eaten alongside coffee anyway, they make for a perfect ladyfinger replacement.

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Biscoff cookies’ airy texture soaks up coffee extremely well, and they maintain their texture for long enough that you can layer coconut whipped cream on đứng top before it completely turns into mush, which is ideal. Mushy coffee-soaked cookies are what tiramisu is all about!


What lớn use if you don’t have Biscoff Cookies

Whether you can’t find Biscoff cookies, they’re too expensive, or you just don’t like them (how dare you, but ok you vì you), there are tons of different things you can use.

For a lazy route:

Vegan animal crackersArrowroot cookies (I would let them soak in the coffee for a bit of extra time)Vanilla oreos (skip the sugar addition lớn the coffee mixture)Heck even chocolate oreos (again, don’t use sugar in the coffee mixture)

If you have more time:

Vanilla cake (feel không tính phí to use box mix)

Luckily for me, Eddie isn’t really much of a fan hâm mộ of tiramisu. He doesn’t like coffee in general, but found that this vegan biscoff tiramisu wasn’t too strong in the coffee department. Feel free to up the concentration of coffee flavour if you like, but I find the 1 tbsp of coffee granules to lớn 4 tbsp of water is plenty strong.

If you’d lượt thích to make these into individual portions or make double the recipe, feel không lấy phí to bởi so! I suggest either using a larger container or just stacking extra layers of coffee soaked biscoff cookies & Cocowhip).

I apologize for the obvious phone photos instead of my usual photography, Beanie was sleeping beside my workspace và I decided that flash photography wasn’t conducive to lớn a chất lượng nap.