Pasta with minced beef sauce for your children

Vegan alfredo pasta is one of my favourite pasta dishes: creamy, cheesy, and cozy comfort food. This vegan alfredo sauce is nut-free and easy to lớn whip up!


I’ve found that veganized creamy pastas at restaurants tend lớn be either made with nuts (I’m allergic) or really greasy because they use an oily vegan cheese that doesn’t emulsify well. There are tons of more “whole foods” versions of alfredo, but when I eat a creamy pasta, I want a rich, cheesy creamy pasta. I’m not trying to eat this for health!


The Basics of Vegan Alfredo Pasta Sauce

Alfredo sauce is one of those quintessential pasta dishes you find at Italian restaurants in Canada. From what I can tell in my brief research, alfredo sauce (typically for fettucine alfredo) was traditionally made with just butter và parmigiana-reggiano cheese. The parmigiana-reggiano and butter that North Americans had access back in the day weren’t really as rich and creamy, so cooking cream was used in the sauce to địa chỉ cửa hàng body và richness.

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So to make vegan alfredo sauce, you have to lớn not only embody the creaminess and richness of the original sauce (easily done with a roux), but also reproduce the richness of flavour from a quality parmigiana-reggiano.

It’s been about 8 years since I’ve had dairy-cheese, but I know that no vegan cheese will have the same umami & depth of flavour of true parmigiana-reggiano. So to lớn compensate, I’ve added plenty of aromatics và flavour in this recipe.


What you’ll need for this recipe:

Tasty vegan butter: I personally lượt thích using Becel margarine or Flora Plant Butter (Salted). Becel can taste kinda plasticky khổng lồ some, but it’s generally what I always have in my fridge, so I will gravitate towards that. But Flora Plant or the Becel Vegan Butter stick is also a great choice


A plant-based cream: I love using Belsoy (also known as Alpro) soy cooking cream for this recipe. I’ve also tried with unsweetened soy milk or pea milk before và that’s been good too, but replace the volume of starchy pasta water with plant milk instead.

Personally, I prefer using Belsoy cream over unsweetened plant milk. When I was testing this recipe, Eddie couldn’t ever tell the difference. But he rarely can unless he’s eating it side by side, so take that as you will haha.

Vegan no-chicken broth paste/bouillon cubes: To hóa trang for the lack of umami in non-dairy cheese, I’ve added Better than Bouillon Vegetarian No-Chicken Broth paste. You could also use half a cube of the Edward & Sons Not-Chicken bouillon cubes or the Bulk Barn vegetarian chicken bouillon cube/powder too.


Vegan Parmesan: This is where the cheesy & salty flavour comes into play. There are a few different brands on the market, but my favourite wasn’t available in Canada until recently!


What Vegan Parmesan is best for Alfredo?

There are so many different vegan cheeses on the market, và some of them hit that funky, salty, dry cheese flavour, but most of them don’t. My personal favourite to use is is the Violife Parmesan style wedge. Earth Island và Daiya also carry some parmesan options, which are okay, but I find that the Violife wedge has the most accurate flavour for vegan alfredo sauce.

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There are also some vegan parmesan powder options that I’ve seen, which are reminiscent of the Kraft powder I grew up using. I wouldn’t use that for this alfredo. A lot of them are nut- or nutritional-yeast-based, which will give you a salty, cheesy powder that’s strictly okay for topping pasta.


What lớn Serve with Vegan Alfredo Pasta:

I grew up eating the Michelina’s fettuccine alfredo with chicken and broccoli. I ate this probably at least once a week, especially between ages 10 và 17. So naturally, in my version of vegan alfredo pasta, I lượt thích using a vegan chicken and broccoli/broccolini. I love using the Gardein scallopini/chick’n “breast” that I get from Coven Marketplace in Hamilton. It used the be the PC blue Menu “chick’n”, and it’s easy & pairs with this vegan alfredo sauce.


And of course, something green! Broccoli, broccolini, and snap peas are all delicious choices. You can’t go wrong with any of those :)

Throw in your greens in the last minute of cooking the pasta lớn streamline the cooking process. Blanch until bright green, then toss with your sauce!


Can you meal prep this vegan alfredo sauce?

Yes! But manage your expectations.

Any creamy pasta gets a little congealed when stored in the fridge. I tend to loosen any leftover pasta with a splash of non-dairy unsweetened milk when reheating. For best results, prepare the sauce separately and cook your pasta fresh. That way, you can use some hot, starchy pasta water when you toss the pasta with the sauce.

But I understand if you don’t want khổng lồ cook a fresh pot of pasta every day! Meal prepping this with pasta in advance is definitely an option.


As you can see, I’ve made vegan alfredo with so many different pasta shapes: fettuccine, mafalda/malfadine, fusilli… I love this pasta in all forms haha. I bởi not discriminate.

Enjoy this vegan alfredo pasta with a big plate of greens! Or just leave it at a giant plate of pasta :) It’s a good time either way.