Banh xeo: a guide to the vietnamese pancakes


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Meet Banh Xeo, crispy Vietnamese crepes like an omelette and pancake rolled into one. Named for the sizzling sound they make when cooking in a hot pan, these savoury bites are the perfect filler for rice paper rolls.

Why We Love This

A great dish for gatherings or lớn make with the whole family. People can eat them separately with a simple nuoc cham dipping sauce (a fish sauce based sweet and sour sauce with a hint of chilli) or team them up with other Vietnamese dishes like fried spring rolls or Vietnamese pizza if you have leftover rice paper.

With the variety of ways you can eat bánh xèo, they’re so versatile. Make it a snack, or turn it into an sure meal!

Watch Out! Rice Flour vs Glutinous Rice Flour

Rice flour and glutinous rice flour aren’t the same thing. Banh Xeo is only made with rice flour, which you’ll usually find in a clear bag with red writing (Erawan brand) at Asian grocery stores or in the Asian aisle at your local supermarket. The clear bag with green writing is for the glutinous rice flour – this is made from sticky rice and better for making desserts lượt thích Japanese mochi or Indonesian Klepon.

What are Crispy Vietnamese Crepes?

Bánh Xèo are Vietnamese sizzling crepes made with rice flour and topped with tasty morsels of meat and a sprinkling of bean sprouts & / or mung beans.

These delicacies are usually bought as a street food snack OR cooked at trang chủ with family & friends. Depending on the region of Vietnam, there are many variations on this wonderful dish. From the size, khổng lồ the ingredients và even the way the crepes are eaten.

Today’s version is how we learnt it – central Vietnam style from Hoi An. These are smaller in size, usually cooked on a small cast iron frying pan (some varieties in Saigon are cooked on big woks!) và served up with fresh herbs all rolled together into rice paper rolls & dipped into nuoc mam.

Ngon qua! (Delicious!)

Where We Learned This

We first came across Banh Xeo in Hoi An sitting on those little red & blue plastic stools & stuffing them into rice paper rolls for lunch on the side of the road. We then learnt lớn cook them with the lovely ladies at Tra Que Water Wheel.

What You’ll Need

Meat – Traditionally, this is often served with thin slices of pork belly / shoulder / butt & shrimp / prawns. However, different areas may also use thinly sliced chicken (like we have today), or minced / ground chicken or pork, squid etc. Feel không lấy phí to switch up the protein khổng lồ suit whatever you have in the fridge – even tofu!Herbs and Greens – Today we’ve served ours with mint và coriander / cilantro, but you can also địa chỉ cửa hàng in bầu basil, Vietnamese mint, lettuce, mustard leaves, spinach, silverbeet etc.Garlic, Shallots and Spring Onion – We love giving our meat a little extra flavour, so we vị a quick marinade in garlic, shallots và tumeric. We also pop in chopped spring onion for the batter which works great with the crepe & meat flavours.

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Tumeric – This is THE non-negotiable for the recipe. It gives you that iconic yellow colour và subtle earthy flavours we know & love from tumeric. Powder works best, not fresh tumeric necessary.Rice Flour – Okay, this is the other non-negotiable. As we mentioned previously, rice flour is essential for that nice crispy texture. Just don’t buy the glutinous version!Rice Paper– We love making our banh xeo into rice paper rolls. You can skip this & just wrap them in lettuce, spinach or mustard leaves if you prefer. Or don’t wrap them at all – just dip!

How to make Banh Xeo at home:

1.2.3.Place thechicken,porkorseafoodinto a bowl with theshallots,garlic andturmeric powder. Phối well to lớn combine. Allow khổng lồ marinate for 5 mins.Add therice flour, turmeric powder, salt and pepper, eggandwaterto a bowl và mix to size a batter. Sprinkle in thespring onionand give it another quick mix.Use an oil brush lớn coat thevegetable oilin a small frying pan over high heat. Pour in your marinated meat và cook for a minute or two on each side until par-cooked. Remove from the pan.4.5.6.Re-oil the pan with your oil brush, place a small amount of the par-cooked meat evenly across the pan, then pour over one ladle of to fill the pan. Swirl the batter around lớn fill any holes and neaten the edges. Showroom a handful of bean sprouts / mung beans to lớn one half of your crepe. Then use your oil brush again lớn coat more vegetable oil around the outside edges of the crepe for the ultimate crispiness!Next, cover with a lid for 1 min to steam the bean sprouts & cook the meat through.7.9.10.Remove the lid and allow khổng lồ cook for another minute or two until the base starts to lớn brown. Next, using a spatula, fold the banh xeo in half & serve!Repeat by brushing the oil onto the pan again và cooking the remaining banh xeo.Optional: Make into a rice paper roll. Dip your rice paper into a bowl of lukewarm water, then place on a large plate. Layer with herbs such as mint and cilantro / coriander, then place a piece or your whole banh xeo on top. Fold over the bottom, then edges & roll up tightly lớn the top.

Wandercook’s Tips

Prep First – If you’re eating them with rice paper rolls, prep all the other ingredients first, so the pancakes are still nice & warm.Stir Before You Pour – Always give your batter a stir before pouring as the rice flour tends to lớn settle on the bottom.Using shrimp or prawns? No need lớn pre-cook them as they’ll only need a few minutes in the pan to be cooked through.Hot Pan – Make sure the pan is super hot lớn get that ultra crispy texture on your banh xeo. The rice flour is also what helps to give you those crispy edges. If it starts lớn burn too quick, just lower the temperature lớn a medium-high và cook it for longer.


How bởi I stop my banh xeo from sticking khổng lồ the pan? This is one of our most asked questions. Check these tips for the perfect crepes every time, và no mess!– Check you’re using regular rice flour. Glutinous rice flour or other flours will not give you the same result.– Is your pan non-stick? Whether you’re using a wok, frying pan or skillet – it needs lớn be non-stick. Heavy or cast iron pans work really well!– Use enough oil. Sometimes running your oil brush around the edges again is enough to lớn get the pancake unstuck & ready to lớn fold.

Where is banh xeo from?

Our version today is from Hoi An, Vietnam. There are so many banh xeo variations though – you might as well try them all through your travels or cooking in the kitchen.

Can I make the batter in advance?

Yes! The batter can absolutely be made in advance, just make sure it’s room temperature before cooking. So if it’s been in the fridge, just leave it out for around 30 minutes on the counter. You can store the batter in an airtight container in the fridge for up lớn a week. Just remember to lớn give it a good stir before cooking as the rice flour will have settles on the bottom!


Replace The Water – for a slightly different taste và version of this popular pancake, swap the water for coconut milk or coconut water.

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