The best easy air fryer french fries recipe


Air fryer french fries are deliciously crisp và incredibly easy to lớn make with very little fat. 

Air fryers have revolutionized cooking nearly everything, including making your favorite crispy french fries in less time than baking in the oven!

Ingredients và Variations

POTATOES Russets are nice & starchy, they’re my first choice to give the perfect crisp with a fluffy interior.

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You can make any kind of potato into fries; Yukon golds, red potatoes, or even frozen french fries!

SEASONING Olive oil (just a little though!), garlic powder, and seasoned salt are all that’s needed to lớn complete the flavor of these fries! Lemon pepper seasoning is another favorite.

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How lớn Make French Fries in Air Fryer

Air Fryer french fries are super easy lớn make & ready in no time for a perfect snack!

Cut & soak fries for 30 minutes (PRO TIP: địa chỉ cửa hàng a little granulated sugar to lớn the water for a slightly sweet flavor- lots of fast-food restaurants vì this).Drain fries & pat dry with a paper towel. Toss with oil & seasonings until all the pieces are evenly coated.Place the potatoes in the air fryer basket & into the preheated fryer.Cook 10 minutes, shake the basket, and continue khổng lồ cook until golden brown on the outside.

Serve air fryer french fries with chipotle aioli, honey mustard, cocktail sauce, or ranch dressing. Or, try making delicious chili cheese fries!


How to Reheat

Crisp up leftover air fryer French fries by placing them back into a preheated air fryer for about 3-5 minutes.

Air Fryer Favorites

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