Custard cream (pastry cream) recipe カスタードクリーム


This Custard Cream aka Thick Pastry Cream is lượt thích that basic trắng tee you have in your wardrobe. The one that can be used in a million ways. Like wearing it with joggers and sneakers khổng lồ jump to lớn the grocers, or with your favorite jeans and heels to lớn head out for a drink.

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Similarly, this delish & thick egg custard cream can be served either plainly or more "formaly" depending on the occasion!

You can simply serve it on its own with your favorite topping (cocoa powder, ground cinnamon, syrup), or use it to lớn make something fancier like filling a cake, a layered dessert, or a tart. The possibilities are truly endless.


Greek Custard Cream

Optional Ingredients

When the cream is ready and still hot in the pot, you may stir in 100 grams / 3.5 oz of butter to lớn give it a stronger flavor & shinier texture.

Many recipes for making pastry cream have butter as a basic ingredient. But to me, it creates a heavier cream so I skip it most of the time.

Especially when making this cream as a part of a Greek dessert (most are pretty heavy on their own).

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Other Pastry Cream Flavorings và Additives

Add lemon or orange zest for more aromatic pastry cream (especially if you"re going to lớn include it in a fruit tart ;)). Stir in a few blocks of chocolate or some cocoa powder & turn it into a chocolate custard cream.

Add whipped cream or meringue, lớn give an airier mousse-like texture (not very stable as a cake filling though ).

NOTE: all flavorings are incorporated into the cream while it"s still hot in the pot. Except for whipped cream & meringue (the cream needs lớn be cool).

You may even địa chỉ cửa hàng your favorite liquor (2-3 tablespoons). Or in fact, whatever else comes to lớn your mind.