Vietnamese Pancakes (Bánh Xèo)…

With a golden crust, crispy hot with little raw vegetables wrapped in a layer of rice paper & dipped in exotic soy sauce … all blending together lớn create an irresistible taste of Danang pancakes.

Banh Xeo has long been a pure and familiar dish in the life of every Vietnamese people. This cake is present almost everywhere on the S-shaped strip of land. In each province, Banh Xeo will have different sizes, fillings, or sauces.

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However, no matter what region is banh xeo, it has a very delicate taste, captivating the dining souls of many cross-country diners and becoming the iconic cake of the Vietnamese people.

In particular, banh xeo has long been the pride of the sunny và windy land in da Nang.



Only with simple ingredients, but the taste of Danang pancakes always captivates diners.

Da Nang pancakes attract diners by wearing an extremely eye-catching yellow “coat”. Like other regions, da Nang banh xeo focuses on the cake dough, so the selection of flour is often carefully selected by the seller.

Ms. Phuong (the owner of a banh xeo shop) shared: “In order to lớn make a delicious pancake, it is extremely important to find a good type of rice flour. That kind of flour must be well grinded so that the dough is very smooth. , then set the dough according lớn its own recipe with the correct ratio so that the cake is crispy & not bored “.



Looking at the crispy golden pancakes, fragrant and fragrant “Xeo Xeo” on the pan makes diners want to enjoy immediately.

Inside the golden cake crust is the filling with many kinds of ingredients. Depending on the restaurant, domain authority Nang pancakes will have a different filling, but usually Danang pancakes will have meat, shrimp, seasoned with fresh bean sprouts và a little fatty eggs.

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No matter how hot the pancakes are eaten, it will make diners feel all the deliciousness of this cake. Place a piece of rice paper on the palm of your hand, địa chỉ fresh vegetables & mango, take the pre-cut crispy pancake, place it on top và roll it up & cover with the sauce.

Diners will immediately feel the delicious, fatty taste with full of sweet & sour “dancing” in the mouth.


The ingredients are simple to lớn eat but indispensable when eating banh xeo.

In particular, domain authority Nang pancakes also impress diners because besides the traditional chili garlic fish sauce, there is also a typical soy sauce, difficult to mix with anywhere. Each restaurant will have a different recipe for soy sauce, but the basic ingredients are usually pig liver, peanuts, sesame, spices …

The dish of brown sauce, greasy and rich, makes diners hard to resist. Many diners believe that this special sauce is the soul of da Nang pancakes, making this “national” dish seem very familiar, but when enjoyed in da Nang, it has a very strange taste. Và attractive.

Ms. Ngoc Mai (diners) shared: “Although I have enjoyed a lot of pancakes in all regions, domain authority Nang pancakes still leave an unforgettable impression in my heart. Danang pancakes hold my feet.” Because of its eye-catching appearance, delicious taste, but also thanks khổng lồ the “divine” cup of soy sauce that stimulates the taste … “

Walking around the land of domain authority Thanh, it is not difficult khổng lồ come across restaurants serving Danang pancakes. From luxury restaurants to lớn popular street corners, people can easily enjoy this delicious and attractive dish everywhere.

The dish is extremely rustic but the taste is unforgettable.

With a price of only about 5,000-12,000 VND / item, domain authority Nang pancakes have “cut the heart” of many diners because of the extremely affordable price, but the taste is easy lớn eat, addictive and bold lượt thích people in da Thanh. So.

Anyone who has once enjoyed da Nang pancakes will be hard-pressed to lớn forget the characteristic delicious taste that makes a brand for this rustic but easy-to-make “people-infatuated” cake.

Pancakes are eaten all four seasons of the year, but enjoying them on rainy days or cold weather will be the best. Put the crisp, fragrant pancakes in your mouth & feel the indescribable deliciousness. Eat one bite, then another, until it’s full & full … Follow Dan trí