Today during the house cleaning I saw a small box under the tea-table. I remember the day before I left it there (in the previous episode you saw I received 2 boxes ) I rushed open and incidentally it was a coconut.In Vietnam is summer with sultry weather, a cup of coconut water is enough to make us sober. Moreover, not only coconut water is popular, coconut jelly is also favorite dishes. So, today I will make coconut jelly and this is also my first time I cut a coconut.This experience is quite interesting as it takes a lot of energy away from me! You can see in my video

You can watch the video on youtube below:

Cooking time: 30 minutesWaiting time: 2 hoursLevel: easy



A coconut10gr jelly powder50gr of sugar100m coconut milk400ml of coconut water

METHOD:_ I will only use coconut water to cook this jelly without adding water._First, I mixed 50gr of sugar with 10gr of jelly. Then I boil coconut water until boiling, pour the mixture of jelly powder with sugar, stir the hands and let heat down.

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Keep in mind that stirring constantly until the powder is completely dissolved in water, boiling slightly, turn off the stove, pour the mixture into the coconut and the mold.

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Next, I”ll make coconut milk jelly. I use coconut milk to make a delicious white milk. Do the same as the coconut jelly throughout layer, until the mixture is slightly boiled, I poured 100ml of coconut milk.

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I divide the mixture into two parts, continue to flow into the coconut until it is full, the rest to the mold to form a second color.


The other part of coconut milk jelly, I used pandan extract and green food to create a third layer of jelly for the mold!

Keeping at least 2 hours of cold, I had the coconut jelly extremely beautiful and delicious. Refreshingly beautiful, fragrant jelly that makes me to eat immediately!



I took three layers of three different colors jelly on a long plate and added some mint leaves. You see, they look really eye-catching right?With this simple decoration, you can apply it in desserts at small family parties


**Form coconut jelly in coconut with 2 layers of jelly brings a very interesting experience!Please enjoy with me!

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