Super crispy thin pizza crust recipe


The best, easy, thin & crispy crust rustic Italian pizza dough recipe you will ever make. Step by step how to đoạn clip included below.

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Neopolitan style homemade Italian pizza dough recipe!

A quick, authentic, thin và crispy crust that is also perfect for freezing!

With a name like Florentina you would probably be willing to lớn bet that I live La Bella Vita Under The Tuscan Sun and I can toss a pizza lượt thích no-body’s business. The truth is I vị live La Bella Vita but under the California Sun, & I can’t toss a pizza for the life of me.

Tough you can make this Italian pizza dough recipe by hand, it is way easier lớn use a mixer. No tossing required! Honestly this is the reason why I got a Kitchen Aid mixer, và a pizza stone, (

After constantly trying new recipes and formulas, & after having gone to Italy in the search of the perfect rustic authentic Italian pizza dough, I am even more confident that this is the best recipe out there.


what makes this the best Italian pizza dough recipe ever: 

Quick và Easy to lớn make by hand, food processor or Kitchen Aid Mixer! Thin & crispy crust, yet still a little chewy.

what is the best flour for pizza dough ?

In my humble opinion an organic unbleached all purpose flour is ideal especially when making a thin Neopolitan crust. No fancy flour is required. 

what is a Neopolitan pizza crust ?

An authentic Italian thin & crisp crust with charred edges và only a few toppings. 

I go with simple toppings at Casa Florentina:


The Secret lớn Italian Pizza Dough Perfection ?

You must bake your rustic pizza on a Pizza Stone! Lightly brush it with some olive oil and as soon as the pie comes out of the oven đứng top it with wedges of fresh tomatoes, basil, oregano & slices of fresh mozzarella di buffala.There’s no food on Earth lượt thích a homemade pizza, but even the best recipe will be lacking without the magic of a pizza stone. Even the most basic one gives you a close result lớn a wood burning pizza oven. Just remember khổng lồ heat it up with your oven or it will crack. Give it plenty of time lớn warm up, even an hour or more if you aren’t in a rush.


note worthy:

If you are looking for those authentic charred little fire kisses on your Italian pizza crust but your oven doesn’t go higher than 500″F, I strongly suggest finishing it under the broiler flames, just for the last minute or so. It will give you a similar effect as a wood burning pizza oven. Magical! 

watch how khổng lồ make the best Italian pizza dough


5 cups all purpose or 00 flour + some for dusting1 50% tsp sea salt2 1/4 cups COLD water1 tbs extra virgin olive oil
Your favorite toppings:Caramelized onionsArrabiata SauceHeirloom TomatoesFresh BasilGreen OnionsSmoked Mozzarella CheeseSauteed MushroomsRicotta Meatballs
Switch to the dough hook & mix together on low tốc độ for 8 to 10 minutes. The dough should be smooth and sticky but should not stick khổng lồ the sides of the bowl, only a little to the bottom.
(If the dough sticks lớn the sides sprinkle in a little more flour, if it is too dry then showroom a bit more water).
After the 8 minutes have passed remove the dough from the kitchen aid and cut it into 6 pieces và form them into rounds. Place them on a lightly oiled cookie sheet và drizzle with 1 tbs of extra virgin olive oil. Cover with plastic wrap & allow lớn sit at room temperature & rise for 2 hours in a draft không tính phí area. ( I prefer the oven )
Sprinkle the counter with a little bit of flour, take one piece of dough and press down on it with your fingers until you have 1/2" thick circle or oval. Using your fists và knuckles start stretching the dough until 10" in diameter making sure not lớn tear it ( this should be easy since it is a small pie).
Dust your pizza peel (or a piece of cardboard) very well with semolina flour or corn meal & set your pizza dough on it making sure it slides easily when moved. Pour 2-3 tablespoons of the pizza sauce in the center và spread it around with the back of a spoon leaving 1 inch of space at the edges and making sure not to get any on the peel. Sprinkle with the mozzarella and địa chỉ cửa hàng your favorite toppings. ( Don"t showroom too many toppings, keep in mind this is a thin crust và a couple of toppings will suffice ).

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Gently slide the pie on the preheated pizza stone in a hot 525 degree or more oven, & bake for 5 khổng lồ 7 minutes or until golden brown on the edges. When making the breakfast pizza I find that the egg cooks perfectly in 6 minutes.
Remove from the oven và sprinkle with the basil & freshly grated parmigiano reggianno. Allow khổng lồ rest for a few minute for the cheese to set.
Pour the flour into a large bowl. địa chỉ the yeast, salt and cold water and using a wooden spoon mix lớn combine well.
Sprinkle some flour on a work surface/kitchen counter and dump the pizza dough. Sprinkle some more flour on top & using your hand knead the dough for about 10 to lớn 15 minutes until a smooth ball forms but still a little bit sticky on the bottom. Follow the steps above afterwards.
Make sure to lớn preheat your oven with the pizza stone in it for at least 45 minutes, and finish cooking the pizza under the broiler for a nice charred touch.
If topping with heirloom tomato slices, make sure lớn use the firm ones, otherwise the pizza would be watery. Thin firm slices is what you want.
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Ricotta Spinach Pizza

Hi, I"m Florentina, the voice behind the wholesome recipes you find in this journal. But I"m not alone, I"m really just channeling the Man in the Photo, one recipe at a time! Thank you for joining me in my quest for the art of simple, rustic living, trying to lớn capture the raw beauty of organic food & life through the lens of my Iphone và camera.

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