Mango ice cream recipe with ice cream maker



Get two awesome mango ice cream recipes that are going to be your new favorite summer treat. Fluffy, soft, & smooth these 3 ingredient mango ice creams are ridiculously easy lớn make with condensed milk, whipping cream và mangoes. Bonus you do not need an ice cream maker. Learn khổng lồ make these simple, straightforward recipes with my video and step-by-step photo guide.

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More on Mango Ice Cream

Mango ice cream is a delightful treat that you can easily whip with fresh or frozen mangoes. Come summer và we always look forward to lớn enjoy mango ice cream made with fresh ripe mangoes.

You will find that both my mango ice cream recipes are easy. All you need is a blender lớn blend the mangoes and a beater or stand mixer to lớn whip the cream. You do not need an ice cream maker at all.

The first version of mango ice cream has condensed milk, cream và mangoes. The second version is made with only cream, sugar and mangoes.

For both the recipes, I recommend khổng lồ use mangoes which trang điểm for a thick pulp. Alphonso mangoes are best as they yield a thick pulp. Runny, juicy or watery pulp will size ice crystals in the ice cream. I also suggest to lớn include whipping cream or heavy cream.

During the summers, I always end up making these mango ice cream recipes. In the Indian summer season, the markets are flooded with mangoes. I always make it a point khổng lồ buy organic mangoes in the season.

We love mangoes. What about you? Every year I make many mango based desserts & drinks.

I have already shared around 33Mango Recipes. Some of our favorites are Mango Lassi, Mango Milkshake, Mango Pudding và Mango Cake.

Choose lớn make any mango ice cream recipe depending on the ingredients you have. Both the recipes are simple and easy khổng lồ make.

Step-by-Step Guide

Mango Ice Cream with Condensed Milk

This 3 ingredient mango ice cream is very easy và simple lớn make. All you need is a beater or a stand mixer & a blender.

The recipe does not have any added sugar as the sweetness from condensed milk is simply enough khổng lồ sweeten the ice cream. Though if you prefer you can always địa chỉ some sugar if needed.

Try lớn use sweet tasting mangoes as you won’t need lớn include any sugar in the recipe. I had used the Indian variety of alphonso mangoes that were sweet. If in case your mangoes are not sweet, then add some sugar.

Out of mangoes? vày not worry. Packaged mango pulp is your companion here and use it to lớn make the ice cream.

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If you have access to lớn alphonso mangoes, include them. Having said that you can make this mango ice cream recipe with any varieties of sweet mangoes. Though ensure that your mangoes are not fibrous.

Recipe 1

Prep & Chop Mangoes

1. Rinse 3 medium-sized alphonso mangoes (560 grams) a couple of times in water & then wipe dry. You can use other varieties of sweet tasting mangoes.

2. Then chop the mangoes. For the video, I cut the mangoes by slicing the two sides & then chopping the mango flesh as shown in the đoạn phim above.

But be careful when doing using this method & keep the mangoes on a chopping board và then slice. Bởi not keep in your hands & slice.

You can choose the regular method by first peeling mangoes & later chopping them.

Blend Mangoes with Condensed Milk

3. Then địa chỉ cửa hàng the chopped mangoes in a blender or a bullet mixer. If mangoes are out season, địa chỉ cửa hàng 1.5 khổng lồ 2 cups of canned mango pulp.

4. Also add 1 can of sweetened condensed milk (400 grams). You can use any brand of condensed milk.