Attractive salted egg shumai bread, a strange dish for saigon bread believers


When it comes to lớn Vietnamese cuisine, bread cannot be ignored. This is a dish that is considered a representative of street food as well as known by many foreigners. Bread is always a favorite dish of the majority of Vietnamese people.

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Delicious salted egg shumai bread. Source: Internet

Traditional bread is usually filled with meat, fish cakes, silk rolls, shumai, fried eggs. Currently, according khổng lồ the development process of society và the constant creativity lớn make the dish more unique và attractive, salted egg shumai has appeared & has become a dish chosen by many people.

The loaf of bread is full of delicious dishes. Source: Internet

Salted egg shumai has the same processing steps as traditional bread, but the inside is creative to lớn make a difference. The inside is evenly spread with a thin layer of onion fat & added a little sour food khổng lồ avoid suffocation combined with the aroma of grilled beef, the greasy of salted egg shumai has created an attractive bread. .

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Large round salted egg shumai. Source: Internet

In particular, the salted egg shumai bread & the shumai part are carefully processed. Minced meat combined with a sauce prepared according to lớn a specific recipe has a sweet & sour taste. Inside the shumai ball, there is an additional half of a golden, greasy salted egg. Salted egg is also what makes the salted egg custard cake more delicious.

The pot of salted egg shumai is very eye-catching. Source: Internet

A portion of bread usually has two salted egg shumai balls and side dishes, so the loaf looks full. The accompanying dish includes a number of other ingredients such as onion fat, sour food, grilled beef, herbs, sliced ​​chili, … all of which are harmoniously combined to lớn create a wonderful salted egg shumai bread. .

Each piece of salted egg shumai is always hot. Source: Internet

When enjoying salted egg shumai, the sweet aroma of grilled beef combined with the sweet and sour taste of the sauce & side dishes has made many people unable khổng lồ refuse. The right dish to enjoy looks reasonable at all times of the day.

Address: Ho Xuan Huong Street, Binh Thanh District, City. Ho bỏ ra Minh City

Opening hours: 7:00am – 8:00pm

Reference price: 25,000 – 35,000 nhatroso.comD

Đăng bởi: Ch25b N2

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