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Xíu Mái is Vietnam’s holy grail for ultra moist meatballs in a rich sweet and tangy tomato sauce! They’re the the healthiest meatballs you’ll ever have because each one is steamed to juicy perfection. Say hello lớn the easiest và most satisfying baguette stuffing!

If a fresh tomato sauce is what you love, try it with fish, egg or tofu!


An ever-popular breakfast item

I’m the type of person who heads to lớn a Vietnamese Bánh Mì siêu thị in the morning with cravings for a classic Pork Roll và Coconut Pandan Waffles (Bánh Kẹp), but ends up walking away holding a crusty baguette stuffed with Xíu Mái.

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And a huge smile on my face.

The only regretful part – if I really had to lớn nitpick – is how one roll always leaves me wanting more. For all the bread that you get, there isn’t that much meat!

That’s why making it at home is the best way lớn leave you feeling utterly satisfied.

Making Xíu Mái at trang chủ means you’ll have meatballs that are lượt thích no other. Just imagine soft, moist and springy mince balls made extra juicy by using fatty pork and infused with fried aromatics.

Then imagine each one being smothered in a sweet and tangy tomato sauce that is so gorgeously thick it all but hugs the meatballs like they were a match made in heaven.

It’s no wonder all the locals love having it for breakfast!

If you’re at home, you can make Xíu Mái for your first meal, for lunch or for dinner because these meatballs will fill any bread lớn your heart’s desire!


Why this recipe works

Browning the aromatics elevates the taste with a caramelized kick.Mixing in jicama means more texture and sweetness lớn the Xíu Mái meatballs.Adding tomato paste gives the sauce an extra depth of tomato flavor.

What you’ll need

For the meatballs

About the pork mince

We buy standard pork mince because it comes with enough fat khổng lồ keep the meatballs juicy.

If you prefer leaner ground pork in your Xíu Mái, opt for the lean version or choose the cut you like and ask the butcher to lớn mince it for you.

For the tomato sauce

About the tomatoes

For this recipe, you want firm and and ripe tomatoes for the best flavor. Not only will they hold better when boiling, but you’ll have a much richer taste in the sauce.

How to lớn make this recipe

The meatballs


Cut the jicama into thin strips, roughly 5mm (0.2″) thick.


Bring 2 US cup water khổng lồ a boil with một nửa tsp salt. Blanch the jicama strips for 3 minutes or until softened, then set aside in a colander khổng lồ drip dry.

Note: If you prefer your Xíu Mái with crunchier jicama, take it out sooner. Likewise, if you prefer softer daikon then cook it for longer.


Heat up a small saucepan with the oil and cook the red onion, shallots và garlic on medium heat for 3 minutes or until brown. Let it cool.


Use a cloth to lớn squeeze the water out of the jicama, then roughly chop them into small pieces and set aside.


Combine the pork mince with the salt, sugar, chicken bouillon powder, pepper, browned aromatics (including its oil) và potato starch.


Mix in the chopped jicama.


Mix in the egg và 1 tbsp oil.


Set up a steamer lớn a boil. Meanwhile, roll the mince into balls, roughly 4cm (1.6″) wide.

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Tip: If the pork is stick lớn your hands, dip your palm in some oil khổng lồ stop the mince from sticking.


Steam the meatballs for 20 minutes or until 90% cooked, then set aside.

The tomato sauce


Lightly score an X at the vị trí cao nhất of the tomato khổng lồ the bottom using a knife.


Bring a pot of water khổng lồ a boil và cook the tomatoes for 5 minutes. Scoop the tomatoes out and gently peel the skin off.


Dice the tomatoes and leave aside.

Note: If you prefer your Xíu Mái sauce chunkier, leave the pieces diced. If you lượt thích it runnier, use a food processor lớn puree the tomatoes.


Roughly chop the spring onions.


Heat up a saucepan with the oil on medium heat & brown the garlic và spring onions for 1 minute.


Pour the diced tomatoes in & stir for 1 minute. Season with sugar, salt, chicken bouillon powder và tomato paste. Stir for 2 minutes.


Turn the heat up khổng lồ high and pour the water into the pot. Stir until combined.


Scoop the meatballs into the tomato sauce & mix, then simmer for 10 minutes.

Turn the heat lớn medium, phối the starch slurry until it forms a liquid and stir it into the sauce khổng lồ thicken.

Serve the Xíu Mái immediately with rice, noodles or Vietnamese baguettes!


Can I substitute the pork for other meats?

You certainly can! Ground chicken, turkey or beef will work just as well.

What can I use instead of jicama?

If you can’t find jicama in your supermarket, try daikon or canned water chestnuts for a similar result.

Tips for the best results

Use fattier pork. The more fat there is, the juicier the Xíu Mái will be. Avoid overworking the mince. This will result in a tougher meatball, which will not be fall apart tender!Adjust the sauce to your liking. If you prefer a thinner sauce, dilute it with more water or hold off on the starch slurry. Likewise, if you lượt thích your sauce on the thicker side, use less water or be more generous with the slurry.

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