How To Make Greek Yogurt (No Special Equipment)


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How to lớn Make Yogurt Whether you’re making regular or Greek yogurt, it’s incredibly easy, requires virtually no prep work và the outcome will amaze you: Wonderfully thick, creamy, luxuriously delicious yogurt! This homemade yogurt recipe is SO good & SO easy, you’ll NEVER need to buy store-bought again!


Once the temperature is up lớn 180 degrees, turn off the slow cooker or stove top & let the milk cool to lớn 110 degrees F. Again, go about your business, this will take at least another 2 hours.

Once the temperature is 110 degrees, mix a little of the warm milk into the room temperature starter yogurt, then gently but thoroughly stir it back into the milk using up & down, left and right motions (not circular). Close the lid & turn off the slow cooker.

Wrap a large bath towel around the slow cooker and let it sit undisturbed in a draft-free, room temperature (or warmer) area for 10-12 hours or overnight. If the environment is too cool the yogurt will not set.


When you remove the lid you’ll find that the milk has thickened & the whey has separated.

Look at that fabulous thick texture! The transformation is almost magical. You’ll be so excited the first time you make this! I still get excited every time I lift the lid.


Line a colander with some cheesecloth.

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I currently use this cheesecloth. It’s great quality and you get a lot of it for an excellent price.

Pour the yogurt into the cheesecloth. If it doesn’t all fit (depending on the size of your colander), let the yogurt strain until there’s room enough to add the remaining yogurt, then continue lớn strain.


Depending on how thick you want the yogurt, this will take several hours. For thick Greek yogurt, you’ll kết thúc up straining it for at least 4 hours. That will also depend on the gauge of the cheesecloth. Mix the colander on top of a large glass bowl. If leaving it khổng lồ strain for several hours, you can put it in the fridge if you prefer và let it strain there.

See the liquid in the glass bowl above right? That’s whey. See the section “How khổng lồ Use Whey” for ideas.

Store the yogurt covered in the fridge for up to lớn 2 weeks. When you’re ready lớn make another batch, use some of the previous batch for the starter culture.


If fully strained lớn make Greek yogurt, you’ll over up with about 2 quarts (8 cups) of whey & 7-8 cups of Greek yogurt.

You’ll kết thúc up with less whey và more yogurt if you strain it less lớn make regular yogurt.

Cook with it, bake with it, eat it plain or with a variety of mix-ins, whatever your heart desires!





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