How To Make Your Own Healthy Yogurt Tubes


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Skip the store-bought yogurt tubes & make your own! Homemade "Gogurt" is one of the easiest, healthiest snacks you can prepare & only takes two simple ingredients.

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Plain yogurt is blended up with berries & then filled in tubes or pouches for a cheaper & healthier version of the store-bought yogurt tubes.


My kids always ask khổng lồ take a Go-Gurt© in their school lunches.

But instead of opting for store-bought yogurt tubes, which areoften filled with excess sugar, food coloring, và are quite pricey, I opt to make my own yogurt tubes. Và you should too!

To make yogurt tubes or pouches you only 2 ingredients, a blender, và disposable or reusable tubes or pouches.

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Notes on Ingredients

Fruit: Really any fruit works well for flavoring these yogurt tubes. I recommend using berries for the best flavor, but peaches, cherries, or avocado are great options as well.

How to Make Yogurt Tubes

Place fruit và yogurt into a blender or food processor and blend until smooth. Using a small funnel, carefully fill yogurt tubes or pouches with yogurt mixture, leaving at least ½ inch room at vị trí cao nhất of each tube for expansion. Seal well.Store in the refrigerator or freezer.

Storage/Serving Instructions

I highly recommend freezing homemade yogurt tubes. They will last up lớn 3 months in the freezer. Alternatively, refrigerate for up to 4 days.

For packing yogurt tubes in school lunches, simply pop one in a lunch box in the morning with an ice pack. By lunch, they are defrosted & ready to lớn eat.

Recipe FAQs

Can you use flavored yogurt to lớn make homemade yogurt tubes?

Yes! Just keep in mind that it will địa chỉ cửa hàng to the overall sugar content of your homemade yogurt tubes.

Is it better to lớn use tubes or pouches?

That depends. I personally prefer using tubes for my older kids, as they can simply throw away the plastic once they have eaten lunch. There is nothing worse than opening up a school lunchbox và discovering a pouch with remnants of yogurt that has been sitting in a classroom all day. However, for the younger kids, the pouches are much easier for their little hands khổng lồ manage và I vày love that they are washable.

Is there any fruit you don"t recommend for homemade yogurt tubes?

Anything that is really watery, lượt thích melon, or fibrous, lượt thích apples or pineapple, I recommend avoiding.

Do you have to lớn use Greek yogurt?

No. Regular yogurt works as well. Greek yogurt is just thicker và a bit less messy to lớn work with.

Can I địa chỉ vegetables to lớn the yogurt mixture?

Yes! Pumpkin puree, fresh spinach, sweet potato puree, or carrot puree all work really well in yogurt pouches. You can set the vegetables with fruits or simply use vegetables.

Can I use frozen fruit?

Yes, but be sure khổng lồ defrost the fruit BEFORE making yogurt tubes, so that the mixture blends up nice và creamy.

More DIY Kid-Friendly Treats

If you make these homemade yogurt tubes, I would love for you lớn leave a bình luận and đánh giá below.