Lotus paste & salted egg doughnuts


Let me just begin by saying - doughnuts, not donuts.

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I won’t give in lớn the butcherised American way of spelling it, thank you very much. (Edit from Jun in 2021: My stance on this has loosened significantly haha, and I now accept, và even bởi vì use the spelling ‘donut’. *cue audible gasps*)

To be fair, I don’t even know for sure if ‘donut IS an American spelling of the word, but for a country that turned ‘colour’ into ‘color’, ‘aluminium’ into ‘aluminum’, aubergine into eggplant, & worst of all - pronounces the word niche as ‘nitch’ (where is the ‘T’!?), the US sure makes for a pretty convincing candidate. Only kidding, I actually love America, despite its guns, Trumps, và idiosyncrasies. ❤️

Like any self-respecting geek though, lớn find out if the spelling ‘donut’ is really a hàng hóa of American culture, I did some hardcore research. (Really it was just one Google tìm kiếm that spiraled into an hour-long dive into the annals of doughnut history.

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No doughnut-shape-driven rectal jokes please.)


Well, my suspicions were confirmed! Turns out the US was responsible for swapping out the name of the Dutch dish of olykoek - largely thought khổng lồ be doughnut’s predecessor - khổng lồ the more direct, but a lot less fun lớn say ‘doughnut’, as the shape of the doughy pastry resembled a nut (as in nuts & bolts). Then sometime in the early 1900s, they shortened ‘doughnut’ into ‘donut’, apparently for economic và linguistic reasons - the shorter spelling saved on neon signage costs, and was easier for non-English-speaking visitors lớn pronounce too.

Now I gotta admit, the reasoning for the simplified ‘donut’ spelling is a pretty sensible one. If it weren’t for my British education and the vestiges of Malaysia’s colonial past possibly at work, I’ll probably have adopted the simplified spelling years ago. I mean, it is admittedly a lot catchier, I’ll give it that. But for now, I’m still very much a doughnut-over-donut kinda guy. I’m also really tickled by the idea that the original spelling of ‘doughnut’ is just a typically snobbish, British response lớn the Americanised spelling - putting an ‘ugh’ in ‘donut’. Get it?