Deep fried banana bread batter balls


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This easy deep fried banana bread balls using banana bread batter without baking powder is a kid friendly snack & a very simple snack for banana lovers which you can quickly make in the evenings to enjoy with tea, coffee or a cup of cold milk.

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The leftovers can also be reheated & enjoy for a quick and delicious breakfast if you like.

To make it even more rich, serve this deep fried banana bread balls with a scoop of cold vanilla ice cream!

I have posted these fried banana balls which is very delicious as well, but the dough needs resting time for best results & we also use baking powder in it.

This deep fried banana bread balls recipe is more easy & quick khổng lồ make và we vì not need baking powder or baking soda to lớn make.

This type of banana bread balls is a popular snack in many parts of Northern Kerala in South India.

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It is just easy to mix the ingredients together & fry them in the hot oil, for a quick và delicious snack when you have got ripe bananas at home.

The best part of this recipe is not any of the above mentioned facts however.

The best part of this recipe is that it is hard to lớn fail this one! How good is that now? I don’t know if this can go wrong in anyway unless you deliberately try lớn fail it!

Because while making the batter, there is no really a perfect texture for the batter or ingredients that you should be looking for.

Even minor variations to the amount of ingredients or texture of the batter goes fine & you can make deep fried banana balls that are still delicious.

This can be made if the batter has a dough lượt thích consistency. This can be made, if the batter is sticky.

This can be made perfectly if the batter is sticky và has a consistency where you can drop the batter into the oil easily (which is the consistency I prefer and that is what you will see in this recipe here), also it works if the batter is little runny.

All these methods works and the kết thúc results will have slight variations in texture, though they are all delicious!