Trying Some Dragon Fruit For The First Time


Coconuts are both delicious và nutritious, & you definitely should include them in your diet if you want to stay healthy & enjoy your meals in the process.

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Coconuts are planted in a lot of countries all over the world, & Viet nam is on đứng top of the best suppliers in growing, manufacturing and exporting. South Western is called the world of fresh coconut in Viet Nam.

It can be said in Vietnam Coconut is a very special tree but very familiar with the people of Vietnam, coconut has long attached khổng lồ life as a symbol for the Indomitable Vietnamese people. Despite the ups & downs of how many live, fight against the mighty invaders, but Coconut trees still stand firm, high .... Coconut has long been planted because it is not afraid of rain, It does not take much care but brings little benefit.

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Coconut is grown a lot in Ben Tre, Dong Thap, Vinh Long, An Giang .... Export markets are also very diverse. It can be said that coconut is a cultivated variety that brings high economic value, serving many different benefits: drinking water, making cookies, jam, taking wood, doing handicrafts. Coconut water is good for the body, at noon sunshine khổng lồ drink a coconut to lớn cool the body, help to trang điểm quickly, sweet coconut, bar, there is also coconut can eat immediately, or make jam . Coconut jam is a specialty in the Vietnamese New Year, bringing a warmth lớn the family during Tet holidays especially after a year away.


Today people use the by-products of coconut trees lớn make beautiful handicraft products with very cheap price, very safe flower quality, products from coconut are diverse as dishes, bowl, chopsticks Spoon, spoon, chopsticks ... Coconut body toàn thân can pick up wood to lớn pick up furniture, cabinets, beds ... Coconut scissors just to make carpet, or can grind to lớn make organic fertilizer.


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