Vietnamese Beef & Vegetable Spring Rolls

A few months ago I jumped on an opportunity to work as a prep cook in a well known catering company in the city. It was just before the holidays, and I thought it would be a great experience lớn see how a professional kitchen actually operates.

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Over 3 weeks I learned two things:1. Working in the kitchen of a catering company is really intimidating!2. I HAD to master the art of making these sweet little salad rolls.


Thai Beef Salad Rolls with Cocktails

Thai salad rolls (also known as rice paper rolls) are simply fresh and delicious, & making them with the small kích cỡ rice paper rolls makes them the perfect form size for a one or two-bite appetizer.

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The beef tenderloin slices coated in a bầu Sweet Chili Sauce melt in your mouth, and the generous amount of herbs mixed in with the filling make every bite a flavor explosion.

Unfortunately I wasn’t high enough on the totem pole lớn have access khổng lồ the actual recipe, but over the past few months I have played around with different quantities and variations and the following is hands down the best recipe & methodology for preparing these mini thai Beef Salad Rolls. Not only have these become a favorite & impressive potluck contribution; they make a great lunch, snack or dinner. My kids gobble them up when I make them, so be sure lớn make extra to trương mục for stealing!

Word of caution: This is not a quick recipe. Give yourself some time, and remember, the more that you can prepare in advance, the better.

Here are some timeline tips khổng lồ make Salad Rolls more manageable:2 days before:

*Buy, season và dry out your beef uncovered in the fridge*Make your dipping sauce

Day before:

*Cook your steak. Need help? Here are some simple tips for grilling steak.*Dice the vegetables & herbs

Day of salad roll:

*Assemble the filling*Make the rolls


Preparation và technique is key for these bầu salad rolls. Nagi of RecipeTinEats has a good demo đoạn phim (along with another yummy variation of salad rolls khổng lồ try) if you want a quick đoạn phim tutorial of how to wet the paper. If the rice paper gets too soggy, or if your vegetables aren’t diced finely enough, they will split when you roll them. If you are new lớn making rice paper rolls, plan to make more than you will need to account for splitting. It takes a bit of practise, but once you get the hang of it the world is your oyster as far as salad rolls are concerned!