Lunar new year dumplings recipe


What more appropriate than lớn make some delicious dumplings and enjoy them with the family, right? và today I"m going to share with you on how to lớn make dumpling dough from scratch.

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It"s very easy, let"s start.


What Are Dumplings?

Dumpling in general is found in many world cuisines và it refers to lớn a piece of dough that can either be wrapping some type of filling or simply the dough itself with no filling.

The dough is usually made from wheat flour, potato starch, cornmeal và so on.

The filling varies from savoury to lớn sweet and basically can be whatever your heart desires.

There are several ways of cooking dumplings. Steaming, pan frying and boiling.

Today I"m sharing the dough recipe for boiled dumpling, Chinese style. But you can check my other recipe to make dumplings for steaming or pan-fried. I even made them in different flavours!


Types Of Doughs

As I mentioned just now, there are several ways to lớn cook dumplings. Depending on the method of cooking your dumplings, the recipe for the dough varies.

The basic ingredients for dumpling dough are simply flour và water. & salt if you choose to.

The difference between one dumpling dough to lớn the other is in the water.

Steamed & pan fried dumplings that are categorised into gentle cooking method, use hot water for the dough.

Instead for boiled dumplings, which involves a more vigorous cooking method, we use cold or room temperature water for the dough.

The dough for boiled dumplings is also rolled thicker, lớn endure the boiling cooking process. Doughs for steamed & pan fried dumplings on the other hand, are usually rolled thinner lớn match their gentle cooking method.

How to Roll It

It"s actually fun lớn roll the doughs since you roll them a bit differently. You can see how I roll them in the recipe đoạn phim below.

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Basically what you want to lớn have in the kết thúc are wrappers that are thinner around the edges & slightly thicker in the center.

First what you need is a small rolling pin. It"s also known as Chinese rolling pin.


You want a smaller rolling sạc pin because the dough itself is small and you want a better control of it.

Rolling a dumpling dough is different in a way because you only roll ⅓ in & then twist the dough, and continue until you get a disk that"s thinner around the edges.

You want the center khổng lồ be thicker because that"s where the filling is going khổng lồ be.

You want the edges to lớn be thinner because when you pinch the seams, they will be the same thickness of the center & that will result in evenly cooked (boiled) dumplings.

Better Than Store Bought Ones

I know, nobody has time for anything these days. Yep.

But hey, now and then we should take a step back và just enjoy life. & some good old homemade food.

Buying ready made dumpling wrappers definitely saves your time but let"s face it. It"s the feeling that we all have, nobody cooks better than our own mother.. The same feeling applies here.

Nothing beats homemade food. Even as simple as dumpling wrappers.

They are easier to work with, you know what ingredients go inside it. The real ingredients that you can actually pronounce và picture in your head.

I hope you"ll give this recipe a try. Let me know what you think.

In Summary

These dumpling wrappers:

are definitely tastier than store bought onesuse basic simple real ingredientseasy and fun to makeeasier khổng lồ handleTASTY.. Did I say it already?

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