Durian Mooncake ***Soft And Delicious Snow Skin Mooncake 榴槤冰皮月餅***超級美味,一吃上癮

Soft and chewy snow skin mooncakes are filled with homemade creamy and sweet durian paste.

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The snow skin dough is easy lớn make and stays soft after being chilled in the refrigerator. Step-by-step photos & a đoạn phim for your reference.


In case you don’t know, durian is named as the king of fruit in Asia. What a title, isn’t it? Durian fruit is large và has spikes all over it on the outside. You can smell the extremely strong aroma even before you mở cửa up the fruit. My parents often say “One cannot lie when he just ate some durian”. Your breath & your other waste products will smell lượt thích one LOL! Durian is very well-love in Southeast Asia especially Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, & perhaps other Southeast Asian countries too.

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There are so many different varieties of durian out there. Some people like it sweet & buttery, some lượt thích durian with sweet & slightly bitter tone lớn it. I, just don’t want khổng lồ have anything to vị with durian LOL!

I am the only one in the family that doesn’t like durian since I was a kid. During peak durian season, my siblings and parents would be feasting on durian while I stayed away somewhere I couldn’t smell the durian strong aroma. Now with two kids of my own, I still don’t lượt thích durian, well, I should say I don’t like to eat durian flesh/pulp on its own. My husband loves durian and he hasn’t had durian for the longest time ever. He couldn’t even remember how long it has been. So I decided I should make something with durian