Fried chicken with egg and flour

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Deep fried eggs are such a wonderful thing that I would like to show you. The baked eggs get a crispy coating with flour, egg and breadcrumbs và are a feast for the eyes!

You can serve the crispy eggs with a salad or in a soup as a shining center. For guests I lượt thích to prepare the egg dish with mashed potatoes & serve an impressive, vegetarian and warm starter.

The following article shows you variations of the breading & ideas for great combinations. The step-by-step instructions will help you cook yourself. I wish you good luck!

1. Deep fried Egg, the ingredients

For the egg frying you need:

Fresh farmer chicken eggs or Quail EggsFlourOne khổng lồ two raw eggs for breadingBreadcrumbsVegetable fat for deep frying

We want khổng lồ bring the eggs to lớn the plate in top chất lượng and warm. Therefore we prepare the breaded eggs shortly before serving.

Quail eggs are a delicious delicacy.

2. Variations of the breading

You can bread the eggs flexibly with different ingredients. You always need the flour or starch & the raw egg so that the breadcrumbs stick well khổng lồ the soft boiled egg.

The table also gives you an idea of suitable dishes…

For Breading DescriptionFits to
Panko flourBreadcrumbs from the Japanese kitchen.Soups và salads as well as Asian dishes.
breadcrumbsBaker"s crumbs made of trắng bread. Traditional trang chủ recipe, soups, salads, appetizers.
Bread CrumbBreadcrumbs from trắng bread without rind.Gourmet dishes, starters, salads, soups of the high cuisine.

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Fine corn flourKnown as polenta, fine or large corn semolina.For the gluten-free version, goes well with all flavours.
Chickpea flourFlour made from finely ground chick peas.Goes well with various dishes & Indian cuisine.
GranolaMuesli mixtures without fruit và chocolate.Exciting appearance, suitable for many dishes.
Sesame seedsSesame seeds light and dark.Fits Asian dishes & fusion cuisine.
The breaded egg photographed in vegetable fat while frying.

3. Prepare fried Eggs Step by Step

The following photo tutorial shows you how to prepare và prepare the food simply và at a glance.

Take fresh organic eggs out of the fridge one hour before preparation and allow lớn cook until soft.
Cook the raw eggs in the shell in boiling water for 5 minutes until they are soft.
Carefully whip the soft boiled eggs at the tip & peel them under cold running water.
Turn the peeled eggs in flour so that the breadcrumbs stick well when deep-frying.

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