Spicy potatoes and scrambled eggs recipe


Fried potatoes & eggs makes for a simple, tasty & satisfying meal that can be enjoyed anytime of day. This classic is more than just crispy potatoes — parboiled potatoes are fried with onion, mushrooms và spinach for extra flavor and go-for-you nutrients. Serve with a couple of fried eggs for the complete experience!

A classic that always works – fried potatoes & eggs

What could be more delicious than a plate of crispy fried breakfast potatoes for a weekend brunch? Fried potatoes và eggs is easy khổng lồ make, requires very few ingredients, and is prepared in a flash!


If you are preparing these on the stove, I recommend using a heavy bottomed skillet or a cast iron skillet lớn get the potatoes extra crispy. Or you could vị as I do, and use a tabletop glass ceramic grill, as it has an extra large cooking service that is perfect for preparing a batch of fried potatoes. But first you’ll need to parboil the potatoes. Yep, it’s the essential step lớn getting the potatoes extra crispy, và it’s a fantastic time saver when it comes to lớn preparing Sunday brunch (but why limit this to lớn breakfast, it’s also a great dinner recipe!).

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Tips for crispy fried potatoes

This recipe is easy, but still there are a couple of tips that will help guarantee the best results. Here are my most important tips:

Use a pan that is large enough so that there is enough space for the potato slices, work in batches, or use two pans. The less that the potatoes are overlapping, the better.

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This will ensure that each slice can will get browned and means there is less flipping them, which means less chance of the slices breaking.Add the potatoes only once the clarified butter is hot. And feel không tính tiền to showroom a little extra. Fat is what helps get your potatoes extra crispy.Spread the potatoes out in an even layer, and let the potatoes get golden-brown before flipping them. We want khổng lồ give them a chance lớn crisp up, before flipping them. Plus since we are also frying mushrooms, they too taste best when they have a chance to lớn brown a little. The spinach is added at the very end, as it only takes a minute lớn wilt.


Preparing the fried eggs

You can either vì chưng this after the potatoes are done, since fried eggs only take a couple minutes. OR, you can create a well, or move the potato mixture khổng lồ the side & a little extra fat lớn the plan, crack in the eggs and fry until the trắng are set and cooked to your liking.

Now you are ready khổng lồ dig in! Sprinkle with additional salt và pepper, if desired. Serve hot and enjoy!