Thai sticky rice recipe & video

This Vietnamese Steamed Peanut Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk (Xoi lac or Xoi dau phong) is a popular to-go breakfast in Vietnam. Made from humble ingredients, this dish is delicious & filling. It is naturally vegan và gluten-free.

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Sticky rice (or glutinous rice) is one of the major crops in Vietnam. It is opaque và will turn transparent once cooked. It doesn’t contain gluten và the name just means that the rice becomes sticky when cooked.

Sticky rice is such an important part of Vietnamese cuisine. Our traditional cake, banh chung, is also made from this grain and this square-shaped cake is an essential element of the ancestral altar of each family on special occasions such as Lunar New Year.

Steamed sticky rice (xôi)

We can make both savory & sweet dishes from sticky rice. One of the common Vietnamese dishes made from this grain is xôi. Vietnamese people cook xoi for both special occasions và casual meals. Khổng lồ be honest, I don’t know how many different kinds of xoi we have in Vietnam because there are so many variants.

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We usually cook xoi by soaking sticky rice overnight & then steaming it by itself or with other ingredients such as mung bean, peanut, and corn. Near the kết thúc of the cooking process, we địa chỉ some fats, such as oil, chicken fat or coconut milk, khổng lồ make xoi soft và fragrant.

Toppings for xoi are just as diverse as xoi variants. We enjoy eatingxoi with pork floss (ruoc), braised pork belly, pate, chicken và sausages or even ice cream.

How to lớn make peanut sticky rice


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