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These Pan Fried Cinnamon Bananas make the perfect afternoon snack, or addition to lots of breakfast favorites. Only four ingredients needed and ready in under 15 minutes!


I swear I go bananas for these cinnamon bananas! Okay, in all seriousness these pan fried cinnamon bananas are ready in under 15 minutes and require only 4 ingredients! These bananas are great for a quick afternoon snack, added to breakfast favorites like pancakes and crepes.

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These cooked bananas are great for kids, toddlers and adults and can be modified easily to work for babies as well. I hope you enjoy this simple and tasty recipe!

Ingredient Notes

Bananas: I recommend using bananas that are just ripe, but stir firm to the touch. They can still be a bit green, but mostly yellow with little to no brown specs. If you use bananas that are too ripe they will fall apart easier when cooked.

Butter: Depending on the texture you want for the bananas you can use either 1 or 2 tbsp. of butter. For a softer banana that will be easier for a toddler to eat use 2 tbsp. of butter. And for a soft banana with a bit of crisp and caramelization on the outside use 1 tbsp. of butter.

Honey: You can use raw honey or regular honey for these pan fried bananas, either will work just fine. Also, you can omit the honey and instead use maple syrup for flavor change up, or if you are making for a child under the age of one.

Why You Will LOVE These!Great for Toddlers, Kids and AdultsGreat for Snacking or Adding to a Variety of Breakfast DishesQuick & Easy: Ready in under 15 minutes



Slice bananas into even ½ inch slices. Try to slice strait on and not at an angle. Discard of the ends.Combine butter, cinnamon and honey into a medium to large skillet. Melt over med to low heat once melted stir.Once the butter in warm and beginning to bubble add the bananas and cook 3-5 minutes until caramelized. Flip the bananas and continue to cook for an additional 3-5 minutes and reduce the heat to low. Remove from pan and serve warm.

Leftover StorageLeftover pan fried bananas don”t store very well and I recommend eating them warm immediately after cooking them.


Pairing Ideas

Sweet TreatsI love adding my cooked bananas on top of a slice of cake, mixed into some vanilla pudding, or even added as a topper to some ice cream.

Breakfast Ideas Fried bananas can easily be added to breakfast recipes including a topper for crepes or pancakes, add-in for cereal or yogurt, or even added onto some toast with some peanut butter.

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Snacking Just like breakfast cinnamon bananas can be added to yogurt or granola, enjoyed on their own, added into a smoothie bowl or with some nuts.

Pro Tip!When slicing the bananas try to make the cuts in even, strait slices. Doing this will help all the bananas fry evenly. Also, I recommend slicing the bananas about ½ an inch thick.



Can you fry bananas?

Yes, of course you can! Cooking bananas brings out the natural sweetness and makes the texture creamy. You can fry bananas in butter or oil and add in a sweetener like honey and flavor boosters like ground cinnamon for a tasty snack.

Is eating fried bananas healthy?

Eh, I think that depends on your idea of healthy. While bananas on their own are a healthy and nutrient rich snack, fried bananas are cooked in butter and honey with add in extra fat and sugar. These are great for snacks or adding into a breakfast, but I wouldn”t eat a whole plate full (hard not to, I know).

Can babies have honey?

While honey is delicious, it is not recommended to give honey to a baby under the age of one. If making for a baby under the age of 1 I recommend omitting the honey and just frying the bananas in butter and cinnamon. Please talk with your pediatrician before introducing honey into your child”s diet.

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Helpful Kitchen ToolsUsing a stainless steal or stone pan works great for evenly frying the cinnamon bananas and will add a crispier texture than using a non-stick pan.I like to use a rubber fish spatula for flipping the bananas while they are cooking. This makes flipping a breeze and the rubber is safer for flipping. Alternatively, you can use tongs or a regular spatula.

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