The dish filter cake encapsulates the heart of hue


HAU GIANG – Going to the western countryside markets, diners can find countless kinds of fruit cakes for breakfast at affordable prices.

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In addition khổng lồ selling agricultural products, the Western countryside market is also a place where visitors can discover rustic gifts such as beef cake, leaf cake, sweet molded cake, banh cuong, orange cake, hot tofu… The most recommended place for tourists to discover food in the morning is Vi Thanh countryside market, located near the foot of Cai Nhuc bridge, Tran Hung Dao street, ward 1, Vi Thanh city, Hau Giang. Photo: lee_wew/Instagram

Little cake is made from sticky glutinous rice flour mixed with filtered water, then wrapped in green bean or coconut filling. The worker wraps the cake into a tower shape with banana leaves and steams it in a water bath. The cake is soft and hot, with a strong aroma of banana leaves, moderate sweetness and the filling is not too fatty. Diners can buy it as a breakfast gift, priced at 5,000 VND/piece.

Western ceiling filter cake is made from tapioca flour kneaded with water và then rolled. The filling is rice husk shrimp rimmed with fish sauce, pepper, onions, sugar, and chili. The cake is cooked when the dough is clear, the maker will blanch it in cold water và shock it with spring onion oil so that the cake does not stick. Soft filter cake with salty shrimp paste & sweet fish sauce costs 10,000 VND / box of 15 pieces.

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Pork skin cake has many overlapping layers made from tapioca flour, glutinous rice flour, sugar, coconut milk, cooked green beans. Depending on the seller’s preference, the seller adds flavorings so that the cake has many colors such as brown of chocolate, green of pandan leaf, purple of rosemary. Westerners choose soft, sweet pork skin cakes with the greasy taste of green beans và drink with hot tea for a light breakfast. Cakes are sold in small pieces priced from 5,000 VND and also sell large molds if customers want lớn buy in bulk.

Corn sticky rice, also known as stewed corn, is cooked from glutinous rice, corn kernels và fresh coconut water until it has a certain consistency. Soft, peeled, & blooming corn kernels are wrapped in banana leaves, topped with sesame salt, grated coconut, & peanuts. The seller wraps sticky rice with banana leaves into a beautiful square & rectangle, with a spoon made from thinly split coconut hulls, cut into long pieces. Each pack of sticky rice with corn costs from 5,000 VND. Photo: vietnamese.foody/Instagram
Silkworm cake is a snack or full meal of Westerners in the morning. Silk cake is made from long, round rice flour and steamed soft, some people địa chỉ cửa hàng cane sugar to lớn make the cake a little sweet. A part of silkworm cake costs from 10,000 to lớn 15,000 VND, including cake yarn, shumai made from cassava roots, thinly sliced ​​char siu pork, pork skin, drained pickles & herbs, raw price. When eating, diners can sprinkle salty sauce và golden roasted peanuts on top, địa chỉ cửa hàng cooked coconut milk mixed for a greasy taste.
Apricot leaf cake is made from glutinous rice flour stuffed with pureed apricot leaves, added sugar, salt… The dough is flattened, sticking khổng lồ a jackfruit leaf or a banana leaf. Steamed apricot leaf cake is light black, long and thin. Photo: 
Apricot leaf cake is eaten with sweet, fatty coconut milk The seller adds pureed peanuts or sesame salt on top to make it fragrant, not boring lớn eat. Today, many people can change the flavor of apricot leaves to pandan leaves to make the cake more eye-catching. Each piece of cake costs from 10,000 VND. Photo: 
Tapioca is cooked in coconut milk mixed with sugar và salt, subtly fragrant pandan leaves. Potatoes are cooked until they are hot và flexible, with a slight fatty taste of the juice, adding the harmonious sweetness of spices. The seller adds grated coconut and sesame salt to the sweet potato that customers buy khổng lồ take away. The price of potatoes is about 30,000 VND / kg, how many shops you buy will weigh as much.
Sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, boiled taro are rustic breakfasts that are loved by many people. Usually this type is sold according khổng lồ the needs of customers, the average price is 20,000 lớn 30,000 VND/kg depending on the type. Follow vnexpress