Vietnamese Square Sticky Rice Cake (Banh Chung)

Vietnamese Square Sticky Rice Cake (Banh thông thường or bình thường cake) is a must-have in the Lunar New Year celebration of Vietnam. Despite being made from simple ingredients, this traditional cake tastes wonderful and has beautiful cultural meaning.

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The Story of Vietnamese Square Sticky Rice Cake (Banh Chung)

All people in Vietnam, including little kids, know this story by heart. Once upon a time, a Viet king held a competition in which each of his sons would need khổng lồ bring a delicious dish lớn honor the ancestors on the occasion of Lunar New Year. Whoever brought the most delicious dish would be the next king.

The poorest son of the king created Banh bình thường from very simple và familiar agricultural produce. With a square shape and green outer layer, the cake symbolizes the Earth.

The main ingredient is sticky rice which was one of the most important foods to ancient Viet people. Hidden inside the sticky rice layer is the delicious filling made from mung bean & fatty pork. This cake is a beautiful representation of respects for ancestors & Mother Nature.

The King was so impressed with Banh chung that he decided to pass the throne lớn its creator. Ever since then, Square Sticky Rice Cake has become an important component in Vietnamese Lunar New Year Feast. The cake is delicious with fragrant rice, creamy mung bean filling, tender pork and some heat from plenty of black pepper.

Crispy fried Banh Chung

Storing Vietnamese Square Sticky Rice Cake

Leftover can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days. After removing from the refrigerator, you can either microwave or pan-fry it.

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The cake can also be frozen. If you freeze the whole cake, it’s best to re-boil them for 1-2 hours. If you only freeze a few slices, you can thaw in the refrigerator and reheat in microwave or fry it.

Some small tips

If you are not confident with your wrapping skill, you can reinforce the cake by wrapping it with a layer of aluminum foil.

I like to start wrapping in the morning so I can finish boiling the cake before bedtime và then let the cake pressed overnight.

I hope you will give this traditional cake a try. You may be able to find it at some Vietnamese grocery stores or Vietnamese restaurants.

Finally, Happy Lunar New Year to you và your family! Here are some dishes my family also makes for this occasion:

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