Vietnamese traditional coconut jam


Coconut jam is considered a traditional delicacy during Tet holidays in Vietnam. With delicious taste , và a simple way to lớn make coconut jam at home, this is an indispensable dish of every Vietnamese.

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Coconut jam is a jam made from young copra (coconut rice, made from 100% Ben Tre coconuts, is a jam loved by generations of Vietnamese people during each New Year khổng lồ spring. In addition lớn the basic taste, , people also combine with other ingredients such as coffee, cocoa, Camellia leaves… lớn create coconut jam with different colors, contributing lớn making Tet more meaningful.

This wet coconut dish will make your Tet more sweet (Source: Internet)

Video on how khổng lồ make delicious và crispy coconut jam for Tet

How much jam can 1 coconut make?

If you make coconuts for sale, 1 coconut can usually make 300-400g of coconut jam.

Instructions for making coconut jam

To màu sắc beautiful coconut jam with natural ingredients, you use carrots, sticky leaves.

– Carrots, sticky leaves, washed, cut into small pieces, set aside for each type. Use a blender to puree each type separately to lớn filter out the juice.

– Red amaranth, washed leaves separate for each type. Put a large cup of water in a pot to boil separately for each type and filter out the residue. If you don’t use red amaranth, use ripe gac instead. Squeeze the Gac fruit with about half a cup of wine khổng lồ squeeze out the seeds, add a cup of water và filter out the juice.

– Divide the drained copra into 5 parts, put 4 parts into the prepared vegetable juice bowls và soak for about 4 hours for the coconut to lớn infuse color. The rest is used to lớn make coffee, you leave it as is.

– After about 4 hours, you drain off the water in the 4 parts that are soaking, leaving only a small cup of water of each color.

– When slug jam, you pour the màu sắc cup according lớn each corresponding coconut màu sắc and continue khổng lồ cook. Cook & stir continuously until the water is dry, at this time the sugar thickens & the màu sắc permeates the coconut lớn create a beautiful color.

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How to cure coconut jam is not dry

Many housewives often say that coconut jam is difficult khổng lồ crystallize và cannot dry. So this is due lớn lack of sugar. Normally, when making coconut jam, the ratio is 500 – 600g of sugar: 1 kg of copra. If the sugar is less than this ratio, the coconut jam will be very hard lớn crystallize, difficult to dry again. If the jam does not crystallize because of a lack of sugar, the simplest thing is to showroom more sugar and continue.

8 tips for how to preserve coconut jam

– If you make your own coconut jam, after slug the jam, put it on a tray, let the jam cool down before taking it away. Storing the jam early before it cools will make the coconut jam watery. If dried for 1-2 hours, the jam will be white và more crispy.

– When storing, store coconut jam in a sealed jar or plastic bag. It is best to keep it in an airtight glass jar. Similarly with pumpkin jam và ginger jam you vì chưng the same.

When storing in a container, it is recommended lớn put a layer of sugar in it. Because this layer of sugar will be able to lớn absorb moisture, the jam will keep for longer.

– Should use jam, you should also use a tray with a tight lid, display just enough to use, finish the post again, limit the humid air outside.

When eating, you should use skewers lớn avoid wetting the jam fibers, which are easy lớn water.

– bởi vì not display jam where there is direct sunlight. The heating of the heat will melt the sugar & produce some substances that are harmful to health .

– Put the sugar in the pot, cook the sugar until it dissolves, then showroom the kumquat jam lớn the island, or pour the sugar water over, turn off the stove, let it cool. Then, put the jam in a jar with a tight lid or a plastic bag.

– Should keep jam in the refrigerator.

Today, with worries about food safety, hopefully with 3 quick và delicious coconut jam recipes that guides, you can make your own jam at trang chủ during the upcoming Tet holiday. Good luck with your craft!