Traditional baked mooncakes recipe 广式月饼食谱

A mooncake is a Chinese bakery hàng hóa traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival.There are a special version of mooncakes in different region of China, but they are most composed of sweet paste filling stuffed in a delicious crust.

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A traditional baked Cantonese mooncakes are commonly made with red bean or lotus paste filling stuffed in soft & shiny crust.

In this post, I will show you a healthier version of traditional baked mooncakes recipe that are made by substituting some of the ingredient with better alternative.

Healthier version vs Traditional version
The key ingredients khổng lồ make mooncake crust (and how to lớn substitute them):1, Golden syrup.

Golden syrup is an inverted sugar, which is made by boiling regular sugar with an acid such as lemon until it becomes a thick golden-coloured syrup.

There are a few reasons why we use golden syrup in traditional baked mooncakes instead of other liquid sweetener:

It is acidic, which helps to soften the pastry và reduce the rate of staling of starch (also helps khổng lồ extend the shelf life of mooncakes).Golden syrup helps reabsorb the oil from the filling of the mooncake (which we called 回油 Huí yóu), which helps soften the crust.It retains more moisture and therefore produces a more tender pastry than with regular sugar.

Some of you may be concerned about the use of golden syrup because it is refined sugar. Therefore, I tested this recipe out using agave syrup instead. Agave syrup is a plant-based alternative of liquid sweetener, it is a more natural, healthier alternative to lớn table sugar that doesn’t spike blood sugar levels as much due to lớn its low GI index.

Agave syrup is acidic as well, which is able to play the same role of golden syrup in this recipe, except its texture is runnier which is less effective in retaining the moisture. As the result, the final hàng hóa has a darker browned màu sắc and firmer texture compared khổng lồ using golden syrup.

Agave syrup makes the dough slightly firmer và likely khổng lồ crack when you shape, it is also a little stickier. Fret not, this can be easily solved by wearing a gloves.

However, good news is you get lớn enjoy this dessert without refined sugar!

2, Peanut oil.

Traditionally, mooncakes contained lard or pork fat but peanut oil is more common nowadays.

Fat is essential in this recipe to soften the crust & increase the flexibility of the dough, helping it more stretchable & easier khổng lồ wrap the filling. It is also what makes the crust tender & fragrant.

Try to lớn use vegetable oil that has neutral flavor. I used sunflower oil in this recipe, simply because I don’t have peanut oil on hand.

For some of you who prefers lớn use less processed oil, I have tested this recipe with organic virgin coconut oil.

The final sản phẩm may have a very light coconut odor (depending on the type of coconut oil you had), but it is pleasant aroma and delicious for my preference.

in fact, my family couldn’t tell I used coconut oil at all.

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3, All purpose flour.

All purpose flour has sufficient gluten to khung a flexible dough that allow you lớn shape your mooncakes. At the same time, give you that soft và tender crust.

My recipe has worked fine with both type of syrup. However, just in case your golden syrup has a different water nội dung than mine, showroom the flour gradually until you get the right texture.

4, Lye water (kansui/枧水 ).

Alkaline water can helps balance the acidity of the sweetener/syrup. It also helps with enhancing the màu sắc of your final products, giving your that golden brown color. I would recommend you lớn NOT skip it.

Mooncake filling

Making traditional baked mooncakes require some skill. It is a time-consuming và tedious recipe especially if you are making it for the first time. This recipe is simplified to save time, using the ready-made filling.

Tips lớn pick the right filling:

Baking ingredient store has ready-made paste that is specially for mooncake. They usually contain the main ingredient (i,e. Red bean or lotus), sugar & oil. A mooncake paste should has high fat content and very little water content.

This is lớn ensure that the mooncake has long shelf life. In addition, the excess moisture in will evaporate in heat when you bake. This creates a great pressure in the crust và cause it to crack.

Important tips lớn make beautiful looking mooncakes

This recipe takes time so plan ahead.

The mooncake mold that I used make a 50g mooncake, 15g of dough và 35g of filling. If you find it difficult to wrap, use 20g of dough & 30g of filling instead.

Try lớn measure the weight as precisely as possible to lớn make sure all mooncakes have consistent size and shape, I recommend getting a weighing scale for this recipe