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With the development of society, the problem of dirty và poisoned food are seems to exist in parallel. The consumers need to concerns about buying clean food. Nam giới An market summarizes some notes below to lớn choose clean food:

How lớn choose fresh meat:

The surface of fresh meat is smooth, no viscosity; the flesh is firm, highly elastic. Pressing the finger into the flesh to lớn create a dent, but leaving no trace when lifting the finger. Fresh meat has a dry outer membrane with shiny bright red or dark red colour. The fat layer has normal color and solid. If the meat turns khổng lồ brown, gray, deep red or light green colour, viscous, it means khổng lồ be rancid. Fresh meat has no strange smell, rancid smell, antibiotic drugs smell; fresh meat has pink colour, beef has moderate dark red colour (not too early), buffalo meat has purple. Usually, the fat line of young pigs / chickens / cows will be white, while the old flesh is slightly yellow, but it is more delicious although it"s not soft.

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Meat have much lower price than the market price at the time of purchase is not good. When cooking cheap meat, it will produce a lot of water. Expensive meat can give high quality


How to lớn choose fresh fish:

Fresh fish have white & uniform fish scales, no peeling, no abnormal signs. Gills are tightly, if you lift up them, you will see fresh pink colour, not purple. Fresh fish have big & bright eyes, slightly protruding. The slime on its toàn thân must be clear, viscous & without strange smell. Please take cảnh báo that buying fish in the early morning will ensure the deliciousness & avoid the risk of fish being infected.

Frozen fish can be preserved for a long time and still keep most nutrients. When choosing khổng lồ buy frozen fish, you need khổng lồ choose places which have freezer and fish are marinated securely. In addition, to ensure food hygiene & safety, avoid buying fish at small shopping place which having slow consumption of fish. Because in these facilities, fish may not be sold out in one defrost, they will be stored and defrosted again tomorrow. When the fish is thawed many times, the penetration of microbiological is much easier lead to poisoning when eating.

When buying salmon, choose pieces of fish with have trắng veins. If the fish is all red, may be it was stained. Bởi not choose pieces one with trắng spots on the skin because this is a sign that fish are caught during the breeding season, so the meat is usually pale.


How to lớn choose Shrimp?

Fresh Shrimp still have whole body toàn thân and the head still stick lớn the body; Touching the flesh have a flexible feeling with natural tension, high elasticity; Smells with a characteristic stink of fish, no strange smell.

In order to lớn identify whether shrimp have impurities or not, consumers need to pay attention to lớn the following parts: Shrimp with impurities often spread their tail, while fresh shrimp often tuck their tail. Shrimp with impurities are often fat, unusually stretched, it’s so fat that the somite are almost dilated, especially the connection between head và body. Pumped shrimps often have hard, straight và bulging gills, the normal and fresh ones have soft & flat gills. The head and toàn thân of the injected shrimp are easily separated.


How lớn choose Veggie?

When choosing Leaf vegetables, pick the ones with bright colour, not withered, & seems khổng lồ be dirty.

With Bulb Vegetables and Fruit Vegetables, you should choose the ones have smooth & stretched skin, not crushed, and have the uniform colour

Absolutely vì chưng not buy sprouted bulbs, like sprouted potatoes because the toxins in the potato germs can cause poisoning to lớn eaters.

For dried vegetables, You should choose wood ear mushrooms which have big, thick gills & bright yellow colour, mushroom volva is small & short can make your mushrooms recipe be crunchy & good taste. Choosing young bamboo and yellow colour for dried bamboo shoots.

Normally, you can see small dust particles on vegetables contaminated with pesticides, chemical fertilizers, stimulants which have unusual smell. When eating, you can find out the unusual taste. Stimulants sprayed on Vegetables give abnormal good green leaves, the stems look young & big fat, they are easy to lớn be withered when you mix them aside from morning till afternoon. Not using fruits và vegetables that have fermented & rotten, and begins khổng lồ viscous due to decay process.

You should soaked vegetables carefully, Wash them at least 3 times or rinse under water khổng lồ eliminate most residual pesticides. When cooking, make sure the vegetables are cooked, don’t forget to mở cửa the lid of pans; this is the best way khổng lồ eliminate most of the volatile pesticides.

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Organic or clearly verified vegetables will be much safer, please choosing some reputable shopping places to lớn buy safe products.

How to lớn choose Nuts & Seeds:

The whole grains such as glutinous rice, sticky rice, corn, green beans, đen beans & another nuts that provide oil such as peanuts, sesame and sunflower seeds, you should pay attention to choose them dry, not moldy. The seeds have the same form, no imperfect seeds; the color is natural & not changed. When you try to bite it, it is crunchy, not crumbling. When smelling, seeds have a characteristic aroma.


How to choose Milk và Milk Products such as Fresh Milk, Pasteurized Milk, Cheese

Choose the products which have full labels, expiry date. Milk has its own characteristic colour, taste và smell.

Check if cheeses contain starch, impurities or not you can add a few drops of iodine - antiseptic solution (purple medicine), if the cheese turns into a dark green color, you know the cheese is mixed with starch. If it turns to be yellow or brown colour, it is pure cheese, not mixed with impurities. In another way, you can store cheese at room temperature, if cheese turns into yellow means that it contains vegetable fat. If there are impurities in cheese, it will change màu sắc and sour taste.


Cheese containing impurities is easily broken after cutting, pure cheese is not. Or you can keep store cheese at room temperature, pure cheese will be dry & lighter, if water appears , prove that cheese is not guaranteed quality.


To check if the yogurt contains vegetable oil or not, take a scoop into a hot glass of water và stir it, if yoghurt contains low fresh milk with many other impurities, yogurt will be crowded on the surface of the cup; the layer below is transparent water. Pure yogurt will size a homogeneous liquid of solid màu sắc and consistency.


How khổng lồ choose processed food

Rolls, Salami, smoked meat, frozen food ...are not easy to lớn ensure delicious và safe. The only way is choosing branded products, prestigious production facilities. The sản phẩm must be fully labeled, specify the nutrient composition, clearly manufacturing date, và expiry date.

Only buy food at outlets that meet requirement of food hygiene và safety standards. Equipment khổng lồ display & preserve goods such as shelves, cabinets must be clean, temperature và humidity adjustment equipment, ventilation in the area for sale in accordance with the requirements of each type of products. For example, fresh meat stalls need to be at least 60cm higher than the ground, countertops are clean, waterproof, avoid dirt and direct light, not near waste water, garbage ... In addition, the sellers also need to lớn ensure health, control the use of aprons, hats, gloves ... According khổng lồ hygiene regulations. Do not buy food sold on wooden shelves or near drains, stalls are not covered.

Only buy products which have clearly origins. To ensure the benefits of consumers, you have rights lớn ask about the origins of products, informations of the suppliers.

Here are the tips khổng lồ help you choose good food and ensure safety for yourself and your family khổng lồ avoid disease from dirty food.

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