Small batch pear ginger jam

This Lemon & Ginger Apricot Jam is a great breakfast jam, especially when using perfectly ripe apricots which have a beautiful aroma and taste.

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I love making fruit preserves và jams so I always buy fruit when they are in season & cheap. This way we save money, eat healthier, with no additives or chemicals… and with much, much better taste!

Why haven’t I ever posted a recipe for apricot jam before? I really don’t know but I definitely know that I have made some during the past years of blogging. Α few years ago, at some point, someof my files with recipes and pictures were deleted by mistake andI guess that I thought I had postedit and so it was forgotten.

The classic recipe I used to lớn make is about the same & was scented with fragrant geranium leaves and lemon.


I love the sweet aroma of the fragrant geranium leaves và as long as I have some, I will keep adding it, as it adds the most amazing aroma to jams & spoon sweets. However, if you don’t have any you can địa chỉ vanilla or any other flavour you like.

Lemon is necessary in jams & syrups. Apart from the fact that I love its flavour, it is in any case necessary as apart from its flavour, it also acts as a preservative và helps the pectin but also preventscrystallizationof sugar. Some people addglucosein jams và spoon sweets (preserves) but I have never added it and never will, as it’s not necessary. Ginger is my latest love and addition in jams as it adds that lovely, little zing lớn the flavour.

While I was making the jam this year, I remembered that I had some leftover ginger from another recipe in the refrigerator. This is not something new because I have already used ginger before in other jams và we loved it. There are many varieties of apricots so chose the variety you lượt thích best, which should be ripe & sweet. Some people recommend using slightly under-ripe fruit because it has more pectin in it, which means an easier set. Don’t listen lớn them. Depending on the pectin content of each type of fruit at the end of the cooking time mentioned, the jam may or may not jell. Also, unripe fruit bởi not have the depth of flavour a really good jam needs.


How khổng lồ make the Apricot Jam

The ratio of fruit to sugar is 1:1 but this always depends on the sweetness of the fruit used so this should be adjusted according khổng lồ the fruit and your personal taste. Start with this ratio và if you find it too sweet for your taste, next time you make it reduce the amount of sugar. The less sugar you can use (within reason), the more the flavour of your fruit will be the starring character in your jam.

In some jams it is necessary to địa chỉ cửa hàng water in order to make the syrup but in juicy fruit it is not recommended as it will need more time lớn set. The less time the fruit is on the stove, the fresher its final flavour will taste. Put the fruit and sugar in a pot, in layers và in the morning the juices of the fruit are exuded.

Macerating them overnight in sugar will draw out their liquid and you won’t need to địa chỉ any water at all.

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Some juicy fruit need only a couple of hours to lớn exude their juices.


Make sure the sugar is fully dissolved into the liquid around your cooked fruit before bringing the pot to a rapid boil.Stir the fruit continuously while the sugar is dissolving and then once it has dissolved, you will only need to stir the jam occasionally. Once they are heated, the fruit turns golden, fruity và luscious.

Some notes about what you might encounter while making this Apricot Jam

Most jams foam while boiling & may overflow, so you should be nearby, mixing it regularly. What I did was when it was about to lớn overflow, I pulled the pot away from the heat và waited a couple of minutes until the foam settled và then put it back on the heat again. As it boils you will see some foam emerging on the top. That should not worry you because that’s just a lot of air trapped in the bubbles from the boiling but it’s best khổng lồ remove it as the jam looks better without it. Otherwise it is harmless. You may avoid foaming by adding 1 teaspoon of butter or margarine khổng lồ the set but this will help early spoilage of the jam, so it is better lớn skim it. After some time, it will stop foaming & overflowing.At the end most of the foam will dissolve & with a slotted ladle remove any foam which is still visible. This procedure will take about half an hour.

What if the Apricot Jam does not set?


If the jam has been cooking for over 40 minutes và you don’t see a setting point reached, take it off the heat anyway and assume there’s not enough pectin in the fruit to set the jam. You should have in mind that the jam will set after it cools, so if it is runny don’t hurry to showroom pectin. You should leave it lớn cool completely and if it is still runny, you can either showroom more sugar và lemon juice and start boiling it again or you can địa chỉ cửa hàng some pectin which you can buy in all supermarkets.

In my case, the jam did not mix after the 30 minutes, so I waited until it cooled và removed 3 jars of apricot sauce, as I wanted to lớn use it in other recipes (see chú ý below). It can still be used as jam but it is a little bit runny. In the remaining I added 25 grams gelfix & followed the instructions on the package.

There are several methods that you can kiểm tra to see if the mixture has set:

You can either bởi vì this by putting a small plate in the refrigerator & then putting a teaspoon of jam on the plate to check its consistency. Push the jam and if it takes a few seconds to lớn come back, then it has set. If it is runny then boil again & repeat.

The other method of course, is to use a candy thermometer, if you have one. It needs lớn reach up lớn 105oC / 220oF.

I don’t follow either method. I follow the traditional method my mother used. At the kết thúc of skimming, I put some of the boiling jam in the wooden spoon & let it run back into the pan. If all the jam falls away from the spoon it is not ready yet. You must keep checking this regularly & the drops will be falling slower and slower & when a last drop does not drop down but rests on the spoon for a few seconds, this means that it has set.

Use a ladle khổng lồ fill jars to1 centimet below rims, wipe jars clean of any spills & seal firmly while jam is hot. Let the jam cool and store it in a cool pantry or in the fridge if opened for a long time.

I made 9 jars và we have already eaten half of it. I love it in the morning for breakfast on toasted bread và butter but whenever I need to lớn satisfy my cravings for something sweet, I put some cream cheese on a rusk and jam on top and it’s just like eating dessert!

Well, I did use some to lớn make the desserts you can see at the end of the post. I started this post as a simple recipe & it turned out lớn be a tutorial on how khổng lồ make jams. I am sure that even if you have never made jams before this will help you start.

Fancy jars are good for food styling and photography but don’t forget that we should all recycle our glass jars. It’s beneficial lớn our pocket but also to the environment!