Air fryer french fries recipe

The Best Easy Air Fryer French Fries – delicious, crispy & crunchy french fries that taste just like your favorite restaurant – but a healthier french fry you can feel good about serving your family.

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Tips khổng lồ Perfect Air Fried French Fries & FAQs

Perfect, Easy Air Fryer Fries

This recipe will get you delicious crispy fries that cook in about 15 minutes – right in your air fryer basket for easy cleanup! If you can cut potatoes, you can master this easy method to cook the fries in an air fryer – without deep frying.

This recipe is incredibly indulgent and delicious – with a fraction of the oil of regular fries. We’re also using olive oil, for an omega 3 packed oil that is healthier than vegetable oil like a deep fryer.

This recipe is one of my favorite recipes khổng lồ use with my ninja Foodi – just lượt thích my popular air fryer chicken drumsticks recipe, & Air Fryer Steaks recipe, Air Fryer Tri Tip Steak, and Air Fryer Chicken Fried Steak that all vị really well in an instant pot with a crisping lid! For another take on these fries, be sure to kiểm tra out my Lemon Garlic Air Fryer French Fries – the lemon pepper và garlic seasoning can’t be beat!

This french fry recipe uses an air fryer – but is the exact same recipe as my Crunchy Baked French Fries Recipe – a vị trí cao nhất post on Sweet C’s since 2011!

I hope you love this recipe as much as we do!

How lớn Air Fry French Fries

An air fryer is a medium sized kitchen appliance that is easy to lớn use with a ton of different foods. Air fryers provide lightning quick cook times and easy cleanup – with about 2 tablespoons of oil instead of quarts lượt thích a traditional deep fryer. They are a bit of a misnomer – as they don’t actually fry anything – & instead work more as a small convection-like appliance.

To make this recipe, you’ll need:

3 large russet potatoes – we love russets for their rich, buttery taste, and how the starch works khổng lồ puff and crisp perfectly in the air fryer. Russet potatoes have the classic, rich, potatoey flavor everyone loves. You can peel the potatoes or leave the peel on – but be sure khổng lồ wash it well. 2-3 tablespoons olive oil – use a good quality olive oil that you love the flavor of. You can change up the flavor of your fries by using flavored oils like garlic oil, chile oil, etc. Sea salt and pepper, khổng lồ taste – I lượt thích to finish fries with either maldon salt or powdered salt for the light, salty flavor that distributes evenly.



Using a mandoline, slice the potatoes into fries. I don’t worry too much about the kích cỡ of fry I am making- some are bigger, và some are smaller. That’s fine!Next, place your spuds in a nice cool water bath. Completely submerge the fries in water. Let fries sit one hour. This helps to lớn remove excess starch and will help the fries crisp up more in the oven.Preheat air fryer to lớn 375 degrees.After an hour, drain the water, & pat fries dry with a paper towel.Toss with a couple tablespoons of olive oil, salt and pepper.Add fries lớn bottom of air fryer basket, making sure they are all on the same cấp độ (don’t stack them on đứng top of each other.)Cook 13 minutes, until crispy và golden brown.Place on a baking sheet lined with paper towels & a cooling rack over it.Place in warm oven (set to the minimum temperature, not over 250 degrees) và let rest while other batches of fries are cooking.Serve hot & enjoy.

Tips to Perfect Air Fried French Fries và FAQs

Season fries. This recipe is so delicious because it can be made with all sorts of different flavors & seasonings to customize khổng lồ your preferences – try some of these easy ideas, or come up with your own!

Onion powder or garlic powder over oiled fries for a bit more flavor.Herbs de provence salt for a rustic French twist.Cajun seasoning sprinkled over fries gives a spicy Five Guys like french fry flavor – straight from your air fryer.Brush fries in the final 15 minutes of baking time with butter, diced garlic, & finely diced parsley for sinfully rich garlic butter fries.

Use Russet Potatoes.

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Russet potatoes give a classic french fry flavor. Leave skins on, but be sure to lớn wash potatoes well và scrub off any excess dirt, remove any eyes or bruises.

Use a mandoline to cut fries. Cut potatoes with a mandoline for easy, perfect sticks that will crisp up well.

Soak fries. Make sure your fries soak for at least one hour in a large bowl of cold water – preferably changing the water after đôi mươi minutes or 30 minutes with fresh new cold water. Soaking in water helps remove some of the starch, which will help them crisp up better!

Dry fries well after soaking. Make sure your fries are very very dry after soaking. Pat them with paper towels or a clean dish towel to be sure there is no residual moisture. Wet fries = soggy fries.

Cook in Single Layer. Allowing fries lớn have room away from each other while air frying helps them cook faster & get crunchier. Fries that have plenty of space lớn cook should not stick lớn the air fryer basket and should come out with a gentile shaking of the basket. Sometimes I will địa chỉ more fries to lớn the basket & simply increase cook time a few minutes, shaking often lớn make sure the heat is evenly distributed.

Adjust cooktime as needed. I watch my french fries closely while cooking, & make adjustments as needed. Every oven & air fryer is different, và I’ve noticed a ton of things impact cook time and even something as small as the humidity in the air can impact cook time.

Rest air fries in warm oven. I line a baking sheet with paper towels và place a cooling rack over it. When each batch is done from the air fryer, I toss them on the cooling rack and pop the baking sheet in the oven. I set the oven as low as possible – about 200-250 degrees at the most- khổng lồ keep the fries warm.

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The Best Easy Air Fryer French Fries Recipe

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