How to make the famous l"entrecote steak sauce


One of the best steaks I’ve ever had in my life was at a L’Entrecote restaurant in Bourdeaux, France. The restaurant sold just grilled steaks served with matchstick fries. That was my first taste of it, and since then, whenever I’m in France và I come across any of these L’Entrecote restaurants I would pop in for a bite!

If you’re not French or unfamiliar, these L’entrecote restaurants are quite common in France. They are considered casual mid-range establishments and typically serve just one type of dish: sliced grilled steaks with fries và slathered all over with a creamy yellow, butter-based sauce. That sauce is magic. I’m usually a steak-with-just-salt-and-pepper kinda girl, but that steak converted me to a full-on yes-please sauce on everything convert.

By the way, while these restaurants are found… everywhere, the best L’entrecote steak & sauce EVER is the one I had in Bordeaux. We would always order extra helpings of the sauce & dip everything – extra bread please! – in it.

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Imagine my excitement when I chanced upon this recipe online – so full credit of the recipe and my forever gratitude goes to lớn them – and had to lớn give it a go.

I’ll be honest, the long danh sách of ingredients and the different cooking methods required intimidated me a little. I ended up modifying a couple of ingredients based on what I already have in my pantry, và it worked out fine! I stayed true lớn most of what was outlined in the recipe.


Herbs for L’Entrecote Sauce:

The herbs are a crucial ingredient for the L’Entrecote sauce. The main herb is tarragon, và you would need to seek this out. Tarragon has a licorice flavour to lớn it và unfortunately has no close replacements. A common herb in French cuisine, but not common in Southeast Asia at all! A rare find in local Singapore supermarkets, but not an impossible task and worth seeking out. Try gourmet supermarkets.

If you really cannot find tarragon, then use more parsley, basil, sage in place of tarragon. It will not quite taste the same, but it will still turn out delicious.

The original recipe calls for chervil, which is French parsley. If you think tarragon is a tough find locally, you’ve not searched for chervil. Fortunately, chervil is easily replaceable with, well, regular parsley!

Basil & sage are two other herbs used for this recipe. If you have both basil and sage, that would be best. However, if you only have one or the other, this recipe will still work out amazingly too. Although basil is usually a staple in my pantry, this time round I decided khổng lồ just use sage.

Other Star Ingredients

Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil: Another essential ingredient are the anchovy fillets. These địa chỉ cửa hàng a deep umami flavour along with salt for the sauce. Make sure khổng lồ get anchovies in olive oil, the ones in brine or vinegar are just not the same & not as tasty.

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Flavour bombs: This sauce works exceptionally well because the flavours are beautifully balanced out. With the amount of anchovies, this sauce is NOT fishy at all! In fact, I couldn’t even tell there’s any sort of seafood in this when I first tried it. This is largely due to lớn the strong flavours from the capers, mustard & the lemon juice or táo bị cắn dở cider vinegar thrown in to balance it out.

In addition, I took the liberty of swapping out a couple of ingredients that I also didn’t quite have. The sauce came out lovely still, trust me! These are the swaps that I made:

The original recipe called for a strong tasting mustard. I used the milder dijon mustard.Instead of lemon juice, I used apple cider vinegar for the acidity. Lime juice will work well here too. In place of Worcestershire sauce, I used Maggi Seasoning Sauce, which has a similar flavour profile. I almost always use Maggi Seasoning Sauce in place of Worcestershire sauce for any other recipes!

Steps Required

This sauce seems complicated due khổng lồ the steps involved, và the different cooking methods required. This recipe also requires close watch; it’s not a sauce you can chuck onto the stove và leave alone. Some prior planning definitely helps for this. In essence, these are the steps required khổng lồ create the final sauce.

1 – Melting butter slowly with onions. Use a portion of the butter so that you can cook the onions quicker.

2 – Blend the the butter mixture with the herbs and ingredients lớn create a creamy sauce.

3 – Create a mayonnaise out of the butter creamy sauce.

4 – Heating part of the mayonnaise, & quickly cooling in cold water khổng lồ stop heating process.

5 – Combining cooked mayonnaise with the unheated mayonnaise to form the final sauce.

Yes, not as simple as a one-pan, one-blender sauce. For a non-native French cook, these steps are all new to lớn me. I suppose this is why the sauce comes out so distinct và delicious.

Can you keep this sauce?

The trang web mentioned that you should not keep this sauce at its final stage. Instead, if you want to make this beforehand, to lớn stop at Step 3, or when you have the herbed butter cream. Step 3 sauce can be kept in the fridge.

That said, I did keep my sauce – the stuff is too good lớn throw away! I kept it in the fridge, and the next day I simply reheated it in the microwave. It turned more of that crumbly cream texture, but no ultimate difference in taste.

What else can you serve this with?

Of course, this serves gorgeously with steak. I lượt thích to serve the balance as a dipping sauce as well, for fries (shoestring, if you want lớn stay true to the style of L’Entrecote) as well as roasted vegetables.

This sauce is amazing with seafood as well. The next day I had it with pan fried salmon và it was delicious. The anchovies in the sauce gels it so well with the salmon.

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